Players Sunday Open Thread (Video Nearly Complete!)

JasonDayPlayersChampI’m still working on the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video which is due for release tomorrow, and I believe I am on pace to finally match this deadline.

The Players Championship Mini-Putt contest continues at the TPC Windmill Course, and it looks like the only way to prevent Jason Day winning his 7th event in 9 months (something not even Tiger Woods nor Jack Nicklaus did, apparently) will be the course conditions.

But Day is one of the game’s best putter however, so tricking up the greens will likely not hurt him, as he played the course in 73 yesterday and walked off the course with the same lead (4 strokes) as he had starting the 3rd round.

Open Thread for comments posting, and I’ll be around, as I’m at my computer and most of my time today will be spent waiting for yet another video file to compress and format for the final copy.

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I am producing this video on an ancient computer and can only imagine how much easier this would be if I had a computer from this decade on which to work (PC running on Windows Vista circa ’08, anyone? I’ll GIVE it to you…), but hey, you can only work with the computer you’ve got, instead of the computer you’ve not…



10 thoughts on “Players Sunday Open Thread (Video Nearly Complete!)

  1. peterallenby2013

    Apparently Tour pros as a group had lots of whining complaints about the green speeds and conditions yesterday at TPC Sawgrass. Honestly, these guys need to look at life in the other 88.999% of the world before they complain about playing golf and making more $ than 99.999% of the world’s population. Bunch of ingrates. Coddled spoiled narcissistic whiners! Didn’t hear Ken Duke complaining. He just got it done….

    Whiner line is now CLOSED for all professional golfers….

  2. peterallenby2013

    Concern for integrity of the game? Not sure where difficult conditions for all players are anything besides difficult. How does that impact the integrity of the game??

    What impacts the integrity is crying, “not fair” because I can’t score today like I normally score”.. Whining impacts the integrity of the game, not tough conditions…

  3. bigtoilet

    Integrity about having green speeds that make it impossible to stop the ball around the hole, pace of play at 6 hours, things like that. But the point is that it was only CLOSE to over the edge (not like Olympic Club in the 1998 US OPEN was on #18 when balls would roll up to the hole and then roll back 30ft away). I’m sure the TOUR LOVES all the talk about the toughness of the course/greens as they want this to be a MAJOR.

    1. peterallenby2013

      With all due respect BT, I think the pros complaint about conditions has more to do with their lack of adaptability to the conditions than the inherent unfairness of tue course set up.

      Ball won’t stop and drop at the hole? Adapt!

      Where I think there is a lack of integrity is the tour pro complaining about conditions when in fact, they don’t have the ability to change their approach to suit the conditions.

      I saw numerous examples of putting woes where the player simply did not properly adjust line and speed to accommodate for the speeds and contours.

      Creative adaptation was the rule of the day, one not apparent to many. Instead of complaining, admit your shortfall and move to improve. That’s integrity…

      1. D Watts Post author

        Today’s players are robots with no feel. They can hit a ball to an inch in perfect conditions, but throw anything at them, and they lose their stuff…

        And that’s because any guy with a jumbo head can drive the ball 300 yards now, so the only defenses in the age of driver-wedge are the green/fairway speeds and firmness, and of course knee-high rough come the majors (except Augusta).

        They complain about bunkers being moved when the bunkers are no longer a hazard, they complain about the rough, they complain about the greens, they complain about their courtesy cars, the buffet spread… bunch of spoiled babies who need to find out what it’s like to turn in a 40 hour week digging ditches or answering phones, then they’ll know what real work is.

        I’ve done both, by the way, which is why I consider myself fortunate to be blogging on the golf swing any subject to make my money now.

        Chasing a ball around a course for millions per annum and complaining about the conditions?

        Sorry… no empathy for that…

        I’m still miffed that my nanny had to fly coach and leave the Mrs. to deal with the kids by herself… 😉

  4. targettom

    yesterday as I watched the recording of the 3rd round I was thinking “These guys are NOT so great”. The greens were one thing, how about the tee shots and approach shots? Not great, for most of the players. Duke showed how to do it, and Day too on many of his holes.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, I can only speak for myself – they are far better golfers than I am, but then I don’t play golf for a living. I will agree though that for being the best players on earth, there is a lot of room for improvement in a lot of these guys, be it the swing or… the swing.. 😉

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