Mike Dunaway’s Mechanics

mike dunaway impactIf you watch this clip from the late Mike Dunaway, you’ll see exactly what’s coming up (in a slightly different way) in the MCS “Perfect Pivot” video.

There is nothing new under the sun, you see – perhaps new takes on things, but everything in MCS theory has already been around, and most of it for a century!

The right-bias stance, the angled foot line, the right-tilted spine at impact, the stable head on the back swing – these concepts have been around, in various swing models, forever – I mean, if Sam Snead and Ben Hogan had angled foot lines, you’re going back over 80 years to when Hogan, Snead and Nelson were playing their first years on the Tour!

Mike Dunaway Explains His Swing


Even the newest concept that I’ve developed to give the visual of and explain the optimal mechanical action from the top of the back swing to impact – Mike Dunaway had that down 30 years ago.

In that video clip, you’ll see reference to the Iron Byron, and Dunaway also explains why you can’t swing “up the line” on the back swing, another fatal fallacy of modern golf swing philosophy.

All you’re doing when you separate the arms from the body to get a “bigger arc” is making the down swing harder to perform, as you’re moving the arms and clubs out of proper plane and position – you’re creating compensation where none was needed before you introduced it!

Anyways, the reason Dunaway wasn’t as successful in teaching his swing motion to others is because, I believe, he focused on the arms and upper body when the action you want to focus on is the lower body action – where the pivot actually occurs.

I also wasn’t a fan of his and his mentor’s shifting heads on the back swing – you can’t really make consistent contact with a shifting head, and anyone who has had to throw from or hit a moving object knows what I’m talking about.


But for the old school Wax Nation denizens – yes, there’s some MD in the perfect pivot action, and that’s on the down swing, and I’ve eliminated the shifting head with Hogan’s “floating pivot” action, so now we’re talking about good stuff.

Mike Dunaway – Father of Modern Long Drive

Because Dunaway’s down swing action was exactly what you’ll want when swinging in the Perfect Pivot style – and I know how to explain even to the “pulling” swingers how to get this down swing action.



5 thoughts on “Mike Dunaway’s Mechanics

  1. Laser

    EXCELLENT! I love that youtube demo with the various camera views.

    You’re already the best at making golf videos, so I’m waiting for your first attempt at a golf swing view from directly overhead.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Yeah, the overhead shot… won’t be happening this time around…

  2. Tom Settles

    Dunaway was brutally long. I wish Golf Channel would do a feature on him. One of my high school friends was sales rep for callaway in late 80s early 90s when Dunaway tested and gave feedback on the big berthas. He cracked a bunch of their testing heads!! They used a crude swing speed radar that tracked him at 135 – 140 mph !!! With 43″ shaft !!! He kept telling me about this short stocky guy who was hitting it past the 350 mark. I didn’t believe him. Unfortunately Mike wasn’t the best at teaching his method & marketing or he could have made a lot more money than he did.
    DJ – have you looked at his “motion force release” video that his family released thru his website?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hi Tom – I haven’t seen his Escape Force Motion video although I told everyone about it when it was released. I would only have gotten it to figure out his swing – but I did that already by looking at his swing on video.

      He was a great swinger, and yes, a lousy marketer, as you say. Probably the best swinger many have never heard of, and would be surprised to learn of the Callaway connection.

      Thanks for dropping in! šŸ™‚

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