With The “Perfect Pivot” Concept – ANYTHING Is Possible

7i impAnd I mean, even a left-handed guy who is used to “pulling” his down swing, and who has to adjust his stance to a very closed foot line, because he has a twisted spine that makes his shoulders open to his hips when standing normally…

Even this guy can put a very good swing on the ball using the MCS “Perfect Pivot” concept combining Ben Hogan’s back swing leg and hip pivot with a low-heel impact similar to the way that Mike Dunaway swung through the ball.

And I mean, I will have to get a little better video quality over the next day or two, which will allow me to finish the MCS “Perfect Pivot” video – because I don’t think anyone wants an MCS video without DJ’s current swing motion that is exactly what the “perfect pivot” concept is about…


I would have gotten that video today, but it was raining and very windy (and cold, did I mention it was very cold?)… nevertheless, the video I did get, while of unacceptable quality, should show you what I mean when I say that this concept is the Alpha & Omega of the MCS swing models and theory.

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I’ve told you all how this pivot works, and now even this lefty swinger with RH clubs can demonstrate the model, simply following my own instructions to the viewer in the upcoming video – if you listen, watch and implement – the world will be yours, when it comes to the golf swing.

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This, my friends, is what I’ve been blogging about, and talking about, and obsessing about – what are those optimal positions and mechanics within the matrix of a classic Mechanically-Correct Swing?

Well, if you want a stable back swing pivot, one that also allows you to “crank” your back swing to a fully leveraged top position… you want to pivot like Hogan did…

And if you want to leverage that top position down through the impact zone with power, speed and consistency, you won’t do better than the low-heel impact that Mike Dunaway, the father of modern long driving, developed in his own swing model.

We’re nearly there, Wax Nation – the dental emergency a couple of weeks back really knocked the engine off the tracks with my finishing the video, and I already have great models in BT, DKondo and MWehrman to demonstrate as naturally right-handed swingers, how you swing with the MCS PP concept.

However, I have always wanted to be my own model for my golf swing theory, and I will now be joining the above-named swingers with a few Perfect Pivot swings of my own to show, and you will see how the principles work with different people who swing a little differently one from the other.

Sometimes, things just work out that way.

The end is in sight!




7 thoughts on “With The “Perfect Pivot” Concept – ANYTHING Is Possible

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks Tom.

      I know that I don’t personally have to have a perfect swing.

      Heck, if you have noticed at all, most swing analysts look pretty…er…not good, swinging a club themselves…

      I haven’t had a lot of time to swing for myself the last couple of years, especially with BT serving as the model, and with more and more MCS swingers to feature…but I want in on the fun, dammit! 😉

  1. jh32

    Thought you might like a look at this.

    And I agree with the right-foot low through impact. I have been struggling for the past month or so, shooting some of my worse scores. I watched Mike’s video the other night and it got me thinking about this. Better ball striking and improved scores. Have to work on the swing angle more though. Jim

    1. D Watts Post author

      I would just be very careful of watching too much of Tiger Woods, Jim – he broke his body with each various swing he used (though the one in his younger days was the least harmful), and I always use Tiger as an example of what not to do.

      That said, I’d watch MD over TW, all week long and twice on Sundays 😉

      1. jh32

        I don’t watch tiger anymore, it hurts me to just watch. I thought you’d see he really hasn’t changed that much, so he will be slow winning again. Yep, watch MD everyday of the week is much better.

  2. targettom

    DJ I expect your Perfect Pivot video to be the best one yet when it arrives. By focusing on your example and Jerry’s too I am really cranking the ball now and its going so straight I feel I could hit driver in a bowling lane.

    With the confidence in the pivot I know its going to be in the fairway so I take the biggest swing possible now. Kudos to you guys

    1. D Watts Post author

      I have accepted that the video is late, Tom – but the only reason to rush it now would be some misguided notion that everyone wants it now and not at its best.

      I want to give everyone the best, so I’m grinding it out and waiting for the jewel to begin to sparkle.

      There are some nuggets in this video that will surprise even the most jaded Nation Member.

      Onward! 🙂

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