MCS “Perfect Pivot” – The Silver Lining

mcs gears screen capI was going through some of my production notes yesterday before heading off for my dental surgery, and it occurred to me that nothing in life is ever all good or all bad…

The delays in finishing and releasing the MCS “Perfect Pivot” video have actually given me a chance to fully review the intended material repeatedly, and I have come up with new angles on the swing that wouldn’t have been in the video had it been completed on time.

Something similar happened last year while I was completing the Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing video, when I completely re-shot my tutorial portion of the video with brand new concepts that had come to me while working on it.

Concepts like the “Line of Scrimmage” and the “Reversing Sides” were crucial to understanding how to pivot – because no one is going to learn how to swing a golf club from a strict kinesiology point of view (i.e. “Flex XYZ muscle and make sure the N joint pronates rather than supinates…”).

People learn how to swing a golf club either by figuring it out for themselves (very rare), or by having someone explain it to them in a way they understand.

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mcs gears screen cap


If they don’t, then you get what you see on Tour, with guys needing their swing gurus making them coffee and fluffing their cushions before they can hit a shot – you’re playing the game for a living, how do you not know how to swing by now?

The answer, of course, is that the Modern Golf Swing is fundamentally unsound, so no one will ever master it in any form, they will simply be better at it than the others around them – provided that swing guru doesn’t disappear when they hit a bad shot and don’t know what they did…

So, the whole reason for the MCS “Perfect Pivot” was to break the swing down into what is most important – the pivot – and to show how simple and devastatingly effective the Ben Hogan floating pivot action was and still is.

For those of you who weren’t around in the earlier years – I struggled for ages with trying to recreate a certain swing model that had what you call a “shift & post” pivot, meaning you shift the hips back and to the right to make a “post” on the right leg.

This is the swing of the late great Mike Dunaway, the father of modern long drive:


He had an awesome swing action, but the shifting post move in the back swing pivot – that causes the head to shift as well, and that is not optimal for precision and consistency.

Take Dunaways’ pivot and make it a floating pivot from a more right-biased stance – perfection, especially that extending release through the ball.

So, I could explain the shift-and-post action, but for the life of me, I couldn’t make myself make that pivot – I had a natural “floating pivot” action, and that shouldn’t be a surprise, because I’ve based my swing research on a fundamental requirement of being athletic in the motion – and the floating pivot is a natural action.

I just hadn’t formulated the proper address position from which to swing in the floating pivot style, and once I did, it was obvious that the “shift-and-post” swing model was not optimal, even if it was mechanically-correct.

So, when you combine that “floating pivot” action with the proper MCS address position and stance – there’s very little you can do wrong once you understand it.

perfect pivot


Because that’s what is involved in “building” a golf swing for someone – you’re not adding things, you’re actually deconstructing it – simply removing all of the dross they’ve accumulated over years of incorrect instruction.

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Think of a carving – you aren’t adding anything to a carving when it’s done properly – you’re taking away unnecessary material until you’re left with the beautiful image remaining.

And if you look at it that way – that you already have your proper swing inside of you, and you will find it by removing all of the unnecessary thoughts and actions you’ve accumulated over the years – then you’ll find it much easier to implement the Perfect Pivot action.



7 thoughts on “MCS “Perfect Pivot” – The Silver Lining

  1. Laser

    “Flex XYZ muscle”

    –That’s a road to nowhere. Muscles work in combinations. Hogan called it a chain reaction.

    My rule: If you pay too much attention to something…then something else is doing something wrong.

    1. D Watts Post author

      That’s the difference between today’s position-obsessed instruction and a proper athletic swing – I get asked what I’m going with certain body parts at certain parts of the swing, and my response is usually, “How would I know?”

      There are certain positions where you can check to see if a naturally flowing swing is being performed properly – but you can’t teach a swing by position – you can only get to the proper position from the proper position before that, and that begins at address

  2. major tom

    gotta love the stick man gif. just barely a shift and post compared to Austin. and from the top of the backswing on through, near perfection.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, I’m ruining the surprise for MCS – Perfect Pivot then, when I tell you that the way you perform the down swing is the way Dunaway did it, and I’ll be explaining it in the new video.

      Why hold back now, it’s almost out! 😉

  3. targettom

    Did you see Daly’s stats from Friday? Avg drive 317 (vs Champs tour avg 267); 16/18 GIR; 12/14 Fairways. Maybe there’s sumthin to that floating pivot stuff

    1. D Watts Post author

      Maybe, Tom, just maybe… 😉

      A classic swing man among the modern swing boys… doesn’t matter the age.

      I didn’t catch yesterday’s round but I’ll try to remember to record today’s… I’ll be watching the Raptors/Heat Game 3 during the GC coverage while working on the video!

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