MCS, Mike Dunaway & Moe Norman??

dj imp dtlThe funny thing about both Mike Dunaway and Moe Norman is that they shared the same release action through the ball – with a flat heel and then a release of the right foot as the hips turned fully and the weight finished on the left foot.

And isn’t it funny that one is the so-called Father of Modern Long Drive (Dunaway) and the other was nicknamed “Pipeline” because he could hit the ball dead straight, time after time.

So, it seems that there is something in the mechanics of both men that allowed them to swing through impact with a flat right heel (hence the term “low heel impact” in my blogging this year).

Well, believe it or not, it’s possible to swing this way as well (with a flat heel at impact) with the MCS “Perfect Pivot action, and I’ll show you what I mean below – this stuff will be in the upcoming video MCS “Perfect Pivot” video, of course…

dj imp dtl


I have been helping others with this concept for some time, but being a lefty-puller and having the scoliosis, I have been working on finding my own position and re-training the right side to swing right-handed, which I didn’t know if I could do myself.

I was wrong! Behold – MCS the way I modeled it for right-handers, and from DJ

DJ Hits 7 Iron

If you want to see a flat-heel impact down the line, with the throw release action, here it is:

DJ Hits 7 Iron – MCS “Perfect Pivot” DTL

So, even a left-handed person with scoliosis that makes the shoulders open before impact can get some flat-heel impact going, provided you make the stance adjustments to account for the altered impact club path due to the spine twist:

dj 7i dtl

The key is that there is no turn in a proper golf swing – you pivot back, and then you swing down and through.

The turn comes from the follow-through and momentum of the body and club after impact.

Looking at the down swing gif. above – I don’t see how anyone can argue that point, although many will.

7iron release

I was hitting driver at about 175 mph ball speed with this action on the first day, and with some practice to fully perfect my stance adjustments, I have no doubt of getting to the same speeds I had with my lifted-heel impact.

The Big Toilet is always telling me that I don’t have to swing right-handed and with a perfect action, because the model is perfect and I only have to show others how to do it – but to hell with that – this is my model, and left-handed or not… I’m doing it…


As I said, MCS “Perfect Pivot” is going to be an MCS Special, showing things I got from showing others how to pivot like Ben Hogan on the back swing – and the party hasn’t even begun yet.

I’m on it, Wax Nation…



3 thoughts on “MCS, Mike Dunaway & Moe Norman??

  1. hkgolf

    With the hips turning through after impact the short stop slide seems to have become a short stop hop? Is that part of the mechanics, or another way to release tension on the right leg? HK

    1. D Watts Post author

      It depends on the way you want to do it, HK – I prefer a release and step with a right-handed action, but you could also do what BT does, and slide the impact-follow-through.

      With a sliding foot, the release isn’t as obvious with the right hand action, but that’s only an optical illusion because the hips are turning earlier to cause the slide to occur.

      For absolute pinpoint accuracy, I would imagine the swing and step would be most accurate and consistent than the sliding foot impact.

      But different strokes for different folks, try it out after the video release and you’ll get an idea of what you prefer 🙂

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