It’s About The Swing Angle & Line of Scrimmage

dj top2If you are struggling with an over-the-top or “puller’s” action where, the shoulders turn prematurely to the target, leaving you with an outside-in club path at impact – you need to work on your swing angle and line of scrimmage concepts.

The Line of Scrimmage concept was introduced in the “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” video and will remain a concept going forward, because it really is the key to the swing for people who have head motion towards the target, who have a steep down swing plane, who have a left path at impact (outside-in), any one or more of the above.

In all of my years of research and working with people who wanted to improve their swings, almost every person had this issue.

So, if you think you’re swinging on the correct down swing angle and you have open shoulders at impact – you’re not.

And this is something that is not impossible to change.  I am a left-handed person who swings right-handed, and this plus my left-twisting scoliosis had me swinging with a steep plane and an outside-in path for years, until I made the change by figuring out first what the problem was and second, how to go about fixing it.

I will always be a “puller,” using my left arm to power the swing in part, but I’ve always wanted to swing with a standard inside-out path and proper swing plane, for both maximum power and consistency.

The reason I don’t try to show people how to swing like Ben Hogan, in fact, is because he built that “swing left” move into his swing, among other things, which is death for 99.9% of golfers.

Plus that’s not the way to hit a fade anyways, if you want to do it with maximum efficiency and power.

But by taking Hogan’s lower body pivot action and swinging on the proper angle even a left-handed “pulling” swinger can make a proper golf swing:

DJ’s “Perfect Pivot” Swing

dj driver


If you’re a “pulling” swinger (if you played baseball, you almost assuredly will have this problem, because you can’t “pull” a golf ball the way you would a baseball), then it means you have to change your visual of a proper down swing to one of a golf and not baseball swing.

You can recreate Hogan’s pivot without having to recreate the entire swing, and this picture showing the same top positions with a mock swing beside Hogan’s:

hogan pivot

… can be recreated in an actual swing, as shown in a still picture from a real-time swing below, from slightly different camera angles (Hogan’s camera was a little more to his left than in my swing shot):


And just to show that it’s the same pivot, that pic of mine is from before I completed my back swing – I just have a very naturally long back swing:

dj 1b


So, it’s not a particular “action” that you’re looking for, but rather the proper position at address that will allow you to swing naturally and put the proper move on the ball.

With position, you then focus on the mechanics of swinging on the proper plane and not turning through the shot to muck up that swing plane and club path.

That’s what I did, along with adjusting my foot positions to account for the spinal twist…

down swing dtl


The actions are the same, but the angle is different, and that makes all the difference in the world.

down swing seq dj



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