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MCS Golf Swing Theory Solves Another “Big Miss”

20160530_104701When Blake’s father Trey asked me if I’d consider consulting with them on Blake’s golf swing, the concern was what usually afflicts high-level golfers…that being the “big miss” which comes out of nowhere and which can completely wreck a hole or even a round.

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Working With A College Level Golfer – Interesting!

received_1038889276192203As I mentioned yesterday, this trip to California was to consult with a friend and Wax Member’s son (Blake), who is a Division I college player just finishing his freshman year at MvcNeese State and who was looking for more consistency in his golf swing.

We’ve been working on his stance and mechanics, and Day 2 into it, I saw some impressive things.

I don’t get impressed much watching people hit balls. I have enjoyed watching Big Toilet play and hit balls, and I told him today that if we can Blake anywhere near his technique with regards to the swing mechanics – I can’t even predict what he’ll do with the ball at that point.

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Bryson DeChambeau M.I.A.

bryson dechambeau addressThat deafening sound is the media silence that has descended on the coverage of the “Game-Changer” and “Future of Golf” wunderkind otherwise known as Bryson DeChambeau.

Again, as with Jordan Spieth, my intention is not bash or attack Bryson, for whom I feel a good deal of compassion – after all of that hype and attention approaching the ’16 Masters and the end of his amateur career, he has completely lost whatever mojo he had to garner that focus.

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Young Ben Hogan – Glorious Athletic Motion

hogan topTargetTom had never seen the Ben Hogan swing shown below in the gif., so I told him I’m write a post about it.

People don’t realize that Ben Hogan was actually a very athletic man before his near-fatal car wreck.

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Golf Channel’s Martin Hall Nearly Nails The MCS Stance

Martin HallBig T sent me this clip showing Martin Hall of The Golf Channel almost nailing the MCS “Leaning A” address stance.

Not only that, he used a similar concept to do it that you’ve watched in the “Secrets of MCS” video short “5 Minutes of MCS” and the full-length “MCS – Perfect Pivot video.

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MCS “Perfect Pivot” Swings (Video DTL)

iron dtlI posted a little clip the other day showing how the MCS “Perfect Pivot” stance and mechanics are essentially the same for all clubs from wedge to driver, and the video showed swings facing the camera.

Here are some DTL swings with the same clubs, wedge, 7i, 5i and driver, and you’ll see the same thing from that angle – the stance and mechanics are essentially the same.

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Jordan Spieth Might Re-Think His Swing Motto

spieth follow thruIf you think Denial is just a river in Egypt, then you’ll love what I found online this morning while searching for some Jordan Spieth information – but this was just too much to pass over.

You’ll recall that last year, if anyone mentioned Spieth’s horrific swing mechanics (other than Peter Kostis of course, who is effusive in his praise of Spieth’s “power move” here), the answer was invariably, “Hey, he doesn’t need a swing with that putting…”

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Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing – Back Up!

kinesiology screen capI had taken “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” down from downloading availability while I was finishing the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video because I was originally planning an omnibus with “PP.”

Of course, the best laid schemes gang aft agley, and the time crunch meant that I had to confine the “Perfect Pivot” video to explaining and demonstrating Ben Hogan’s pivot in combination with the MCS address position (the Fundamentals Trifecta or simply “Formula”) for the proper mechanics.

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“You Must Be A Long Driving Champion!”

dj topNo, and I don’t even play one on TV – just your friendly neighborhood swing analyst and researcher, but this is what I get when I hit balls to get video for the blog.

I was at the range on Friday hitting balls for the first time since completing the MCS “Perfect Pivot video project, and working on my own “Perfect Pivot” action.

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