Hey Tiger – Guess What Foley’s Students Are Doing…

rose addrDear Tiger Woods,

I know you likely won’t ever read this Open Letter, but I would still love it if someone close to you showed you the following things, since you left Sean Foley’s camp a little over 18 months ago.

First, remember what Foley had you doing just before you broke your back working on his swing model?

I’ll refresh you from his Wiki Page:

Foley and Woods have made several changes to Woods’ swing since late 2010. Foley has taught Woods to stay more centered over the ball and increase weight on the left side through the downswing…

… Foley recommends setting up with about 55% of the body weight on the left side (for right-handed golfers) and keeping it left during the whole swing until contact with the ball, when close to 80% of the weight should be on the left foot.

How’d That work out, TW?


Ah, yes… never mind…

The bolding is mine, but…

Hmm… really?

I mean, that’s what he was getting you to do, and he made his name being Tiger Woods’ Swing Guy, did he not?

So, I’m wondering why he had you doing this, and why Justin Rose, his best-known student since your departure, is standing and swinging this way:

rose addrb

Now, I don’t know about you, T-Dubb – but that position above is actually the polar opposite of what Foley espouses on his Wiki page, and what he had you doing before you tragically broke your lower lumbar region.

Coincidentally, I was trying to tell you this, probably from the day it became public knowledge that you two were working together.

And, funny enough, the way Justin Rose is standing above, is the nearly-exact address position that an MCS-based swing would be built.

I just caught Justin Rose on The Golf Channel today, actually, and when I made the comparison again with his stance and the way you were trying to swing with Foley:

rose addr2b

Drawing vertical lines from his shoulders and the sides of your head, and showing the tilt of Rose’s spine on even an iron swing (which many golfers have more weight to the left than with a driver swing), I hate so say that, once again, Rose has his weight more the right side (55%, you might even say), and not to the left side.

Funny, Justin Rose hasn’t broken his back, but guess what?

He recently won a U.S. Open swinging the exact opposite way that Sean Foley’s swing philosophy says to do it.

I hate to be the one to point this out.

Oh, and you really don’t want to read what Rose said about Foley when it comes to Justin Rose:

Sean does not look at me as a golfer. He looks at me as an athlete and from a biomechanical point of view

He wants what works for me from a scientific point of view.

Of course, I happen to know that the scientific and athletically-proper way to stand to swing a golf club is with a right-bias for a right-handed golfer, and to have more than 50% of one’s weight to the right, and not the left side.

So, I have only one question:

If Justin Rose is swinging “as an athlete” would do, and the way he swings is the way Foley thinks he should “from a scientific point of view…”

… What on earth was he trying to get you to do, and why on earth did you actually go to the point of breaking your back listening to the opposite of what Foley apparently thinks an athlete should scientifically be doing?

Notice that Justin Rose won a U.S. Open recently… remind me again how many majors you won with Foley and your left-biased swing model?

And how many U.S. Ams and professional majors did you win when you stood and swung this way?

tiger address

tiger 2000

How many back issues did you have before Sean Foley, T-Dubb?

Oh, none of any note?

Hmm… I was just wondering.


Best Regards,

DJ Watts


3 thoughts on “Hey Tiger – Guess What Foley’s Students Are Doing…

  1. bigtoilet

    Sean Foley is hilarious man! Does he not remember the Golf Digest things he said in the past, like having the visual to “take a divot with your driver” and all the left biased stuff?? Welcome to these gurus changing with the wind and doing their best to copy MCS.

  2. Laser

    Well…um, maybe it’s not all Foley’s fault. After all, TW once said that his “glutes weren’t firing.”

    Or…maybe that was nerve damage from lower back issues.

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