“Groundhog Day” (Or, The Definition of Insanity)

tw dtlYou’ve all heard the buzz by now, I’m sure, about Tiger Woods’ latest stab at pretending he’s game fit and just about ready to return to action.

Sadly, people are getting way ahead of themselves.

From what I’m reading, TW claims to have played 5 holes (his first play since last year before his back-to-back back surgeries), and suddenly people think he’s about to return.

Tim Rosaforte reports that there is a possibility in that above-linked clip that he may play at the Wells Fargo.


From Wil Gray at the Golf Channel Blog:

Tiger Woods checked off another box Monday in his self-described “long road” to recovery, saying that he played his first actual holes of golf in more than eight months.

First and foremost, playing 5 holes isn’t even a 9, and if it’s the first time out since 2015… he is not even remotely close to playing competitive golf, at least seriously.

Second, by the look of his driver swing posted online – any return will be short-lived, because TW hasn’t done anything to change the parts of his swing that messed up his back to begin with.


tw dtl

You’ve got the stiff spine (great for post-back-surgery, I’m sure), no hip turn on the back swing, a violent change of direction at the top, compressed lower back through impact and a finish that looks less than ideal.

Now, word is that TW has registered for the U.S. Open, which will be in about two months.

However, by the looks of his post-surgery swing (same as the old), he won’t be around for very long whenever he does return.

And that isn’t even a prediction – it’s simply following the pattern that has been previously established.

KJ emailed me about this earlier in the day, and he threw me the Einstein quote I am fond of using when it comes to the Modern Golf Swing, and TW especially:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

And the saga continues


4 thoughts on ““Groundhog Day” (Or, The Definition of Insanity)

  1. Mike Divot

    Tiger Woods, golfer. A man barely alive. ‘Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first restricted hip left biased man. Tiger Woods will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, longer, straighter.’

    The twitter comments were interesting. A few were not impressed by this new improved Tiger.

    But one wise fellow said this:

    TigerClan ‏@MyronDgreat2318 · 20h20 hours ago
    @TigerWoods I like it…it’s not going to be 2000 tw y’all…this is T.W 4.0 and it spells less injury,more fairways, more greens.more (birdies)!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Less injury, more fairways, more green, more birdies

      I would love to put money down on that one – on the “not” side…

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