I’d Rather Have A Root Canal Than Use The Modern Golf Swing

rootcanalI don’t know about you all, but a root canal is not the most pleasant experience to be had.

I think I’ll be having another go, as a tooth I had treated in 2008 developed some tenderness a couple of days ago, which expanded quickly into the familiar “hear we go” ache of infection yesterday, and which is now an eye-watering, can’t-chew-my-food event.

Today will be spent looking for, and hopefully making a visit to, a dental office which is open on Sundays.  The thought of another day in my current state is unacceptable.

Regretfully, there has been and appears there will be little work done on the upcoming video “MCS – Perfect Pivot” this weekend, for which I apologize.

It is coming along nicely, but this matter of the swelling jaw requires precedence, and I don’t look forward to the next couple of days, especially if a round of antibiotics must precede actual surgery.

And still, I’d rather be undergoing this process than have anything to do the Modern Golf Swing!

I wish you all a good Sunday, and DJ is readying to make some calls to deal with this matter.

Update: Yup…

root canal time





15 thoughts on “I’d Rather Have A Root Canal Than Use The Modern Golf Swing

    1. D Watts Post author

      Confirmed… now two rounds of antibiotics and then some digging… good times…

    1. D Watts Post author

      Dude…how could I be an Anti-Dentite with Humbray a part of Wax Nation?

      Tooth has reached the “tempted to find my pliers!” stage…

      I could use the Lumberjack Dentist right around now 😦

  1. humbray

    DJ,sorry to hear about your dental problems.Hopefully the dentist prescribed you some antibiotics and pain medicine. I’m open 8-8 tomorrow come on down. Take care lumberjack dentist

    1. D Watts Post author

      LOL Hey Humbray your ears must have been burning!

      Thanks for the kind words – I’ve been put on some looper antis and am on my back. Will need a redo on the 8 yrs past canal but not until the infection has subsided.

      Hope you’re having a better Sunday than DJ – say hey to Humbray Jr. How about those Cavs? 😀

  2. Mike Divot

    Are you chewing on plane? Try supinating your molars. And don’t forget to restrict the lower jaw, for power.

    1. D Watts Post author

      The lower jaw is well restricted, MD. I feel as though I’ve been punched repeatedly in the left side of my lower face.

      Did I mention the pain? 😉

      Hey, things could be worse… so I won’t complain overmuch.

      1. Mike Divot

        Well, that’s what you get for falling for the modern chewing technique.
        Study the greats eating and you’ll see a better way!

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