The Proper Release Action

finau releaseI will be working all weekend on the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video and I remembered how many people are not actually aware of what a proper “release” is in a right-handed golf swing.

Most people are stuck in the visual of the “hold-off” release where the arms and hands continue to move as if to “push” the club through impact and to throw the club “at the target.”

This is a big power loss, as anyone who can release properly knows – but it’s easy to get rid of that habit with the “Iron Byron Drill” that I showed my Wax Golf members last summer while making the “Kinesiology Of The MCS Golf Swing” video.

There’s not much to explain other than the club should be releasing at the swing bottom, and not “at the target.”

That means the force is directed downward and the club head naturally passes the hands at the swing bottom – this shouldn’t be a revelation to anyone who has had a golf lesson – if it is… I don’t know what to tell you…

Iron Byron Releases

iron byron


If you watch the Iron Byron releasing in slo-mo, you’ll see that same action in a proper release, one that David Leadbetter calls “a little bit flippy” in his segment on Tony Finau’s swing.

finau release

NO, that’s not a flip, that’s a proper release action, which is why Finau drives the ball a country mile. You don’t do that by “flipping.”

The Proper Release

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13 thoughts on “The Proper Release Action

  1. major tom

    spot on! i like to think about this as a double pendulum, your hands being the first with your spine as the fixed point and your club head being the second with your hands being the “fixed point.” gives you a compound release. get this correct and send it.

  2. uffe66

    I like to think of a karate chop from the top. I think Mike Austin had that feeling. What are your thoughts? /Ulf

      1. uffe66

        Of course im not talking about a chop straight down in front of the body. Its from the right shoulder almost backwards. Austin and Dunaway talks about this un twirling move of the right hand in the Austinology dvds as a karate chop. I guess the MCS throw is a different kind of motion. Sorry about that

        1. D Watts Post author

          The only MA imagery that has translated over from my years of looking at his model is his “throw release” concept, which would be the analogy in this case, uffe…

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