How Did I EVER Hit A Ball?

dj imp dtlLet alone pelt them over 350 yards?

I found my true adjustment-for-my-scoliosis today, an even better one than the angled foot line adjustment.

And I found it by figuring out that I actually have two swing arcs because of the spinal twist and the nature of a circular golf swing.

Believe it or not, there is no swing model or mechanical action that would allow me to swing on the same arc back from the ball and down again to it, and it’s due to the way my body moves with the scoliosis.

I have to swing on a smaller takeaway arc (red) using my left arm (my spine bends to the left and twists my shoulders to the left), and then swing down on a larger arc (yellow) down and through the ball.

2 arcs


And here’s the kicker – I don’t alter my actual swing motion in any way.

I swing back from where my club head is on the red arc line as if the ball is actually there, then when I swing down and through, the club head arc is on the yellow line, and the ball simply gets in the way.

That, my friends, is why it’s taken me the over-10 years of research to say, This is the standard optimal golf swing model-“ because I was constantly mucking up my research with observations from my own swing, which is a markedly different motion from people who don’t have scoliosis (and who aren’t left-handed swinging rightie, like yours truly).

steep down swing


That’s why I could never get my swing plane away from the steep and over-the-top action you see above – because no matter what stance or mechanics I used, my down swing arc was outside of my back swing arc!

Only hand-eye coordination allowed me to even make contact at all, but now I know the source of all of my “what was that? shots on the golf course…

That’s why it took building a swing model for Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell before I knew what the optimal model looked and worked like.

Jerry “BT” Crowell, PGA Swings MCS PP

Bt Driver


And that has only taken 18 months or so, from when we began working on building him a model, and my declaring that the optimal athletic and mechanical golf swing model, based on the Classic Golf Swing principles of the game’s greats – is the MCS “Perfect Pivot” model and explanation.

BT Swings MCS PP – DTL

bt dtl


If I didn’t have scoliosis, I likely would have arrived at the same model I have now – in about 18 months to two years from when I began back in 2005.

Funny thing is, I don’t mind that it took longer – the confusion over what was a proper position/move for myself, versus a person built to more standard specs, made me look at everything under the sun, and ensured that I spent enough years looking at different swing models to be secure in my findings.

And having figured out my personal adjustment to come as close to the model as possible, I’ll be hitting the ball better each day, just as one should when working on technique.

I’ve reached the “Working on Free Throws” stage, now.

And man, oh man, does DJ love his adjusted swing so far:

dj imp dtl

dj drv face on

I will try to discuss more of this during the rest of the week, but I will be returning to the finishing the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video mode tomorrow morning.

Still, it was a blessing to rest the fried brain cells today and just get out there and swing, and figure out the adjustment I figured out today.

Who coulda known?

More to come!



6 thoughts on “How Did I EVER Hit A Ball?

  1. bigtoilet

    It’s just another note on how there are PRINCIPLES in MCS and then there are personal adjustments within MCS that can, and in most cases, must be performed for that persons optimal model. Adhere to MCS principles and then find your adjustment. If you have DJ around it really helps by the way…..

    1. D Watts Post author

      It’s amazing, BT – my mind is still reeling.

      18 months from when we started working on a model for you, when you said, “I just want to swing the way you do…”

      The funny thing is that all of my videos before then explained the swing properly in theory, but my own swing was lacking.

      Only when I used you as the model did things really take off to isolate and identify the optimal golf swing model.

      Not too shabby! 😀

  2. hkgolf

    DJ. Does the inner red line takeaway explain why you have to position the ball off the toe of the driver when setting up? ie the inner red line requires the clubhead to move a little bit further away on the backswing to allow a personal adjustment for your scoliosis.

    I sometimes have problems on the range with irons where the ball squirts off to the right. Akin to a shank but does not seem to be off the hosel. I wonder if adjusting the face of the clubhead position relative to ball will fix this? HK (scratching my head!)

    1. D Watts Post author

      It is very possible that you have some physical difference from the absolute normal standard, HK – BT has noticed that he has a similar issue in reverse, and when he made the adjustment, he was on the money.

      So, this is why I value the extra years of the research – it both proved to me without a doubt what exactly is the optimal standard model, and my own issues may help others find their own solutions to having a not-standard physical make-up.

      So, to repeat – I address the ball with my right arm extended in the impact position, and when I relax, my spine bends back and when I just stand over the ball, the club moves inside the down swing arc. From there, I swing back on the normal pivot action.

      So I don’t actively position the club on its toe in relation to the ball – I just let my upper body relax and the change in my spine from flexed to relaxed makes my left arm “shorter” at address.

      Just to clarify, that I’m not picking an arbitrary spot to rest my club – it comes to rest where it comes to rest, and on this shot, it happened to be ball-to-toe.

      I can’t say that will be the same for every club, especially the driver – but I’ve found my adjustment, and after my set up process, I don’t care where the head winds up.

      Hope that helps, HK!

  3. Chief Cowpie

    “How did I ever hit a ball?” I always tell folks to drink lots of beer because if you see two balls, you bound to hit one. Were you drinking lots of beer?

    1. D Watts Post author

      At the time? Sure!

      Just not when I was hitting balls.

      There’s a time and place for everything 😉

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