First Session Of ’16 – Feelin’ Good!

djtopI took a break from my video editing to visit the range today, in my first swing session of the year.

It was the first real spring-like day, and it felt good to put some swings on the ball, working on my form outdoors for the first time since last October.

Feels like a life-time ago!

Since then, I’ve been to Southern California in January and to Arizona twice, in March and April.

So, I will be getting back to working on completing the “MCS – Perfect Pivot video, but you can see that my adjusted swing is getting there.

DJ Swings Driver – Facing Camera


It’s a drag having scoliosis, but hey – you do what you can with what you’ve got.

You can’t really see the adjustments with the face-on angle, but viewed down the line, you’ll see the increased foot angle to the target line (more closed), and even a slight closing of the shoulders at address.

DJ Swings Driver – Down The Line


This is because my spine twists even during the down swing, so my address position has to have closed shoulders to be square at impact:

dj dtl addr-imp


I was discussing the swing with BT and told him that I feel now like I did when I developed a proper free throw and jump shot technique playing high school basketball – now that I’ve figured out why my personal impairment is, I’ve found my rough adjusted stance and every time I hit balls, I will be that much better than the last time.

I failed to fully charge the camera so it died while I was hitting balls, but I actually got my iron stance just about perfect to account for the scoliosis, and I was very pleased with the effect – baby draws that I can easily turn into fades, since my spine twist creates a left-path impact when I don’t adjust for it.

More to come!


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