DKondo Enters The Arizona Senior Open!

DKondoI told you all about how researching the golf swing has helped to keep me sane, having missed the athletic pursuits that took up the bulk of my adolescence.

It seems that 64 year-old DKondo is also feeling his oats, returning to a mechanically-sound golf swing, and he has thrown his hat back into the competitive ring – he’s entered himself into this month’s Arizona Senior Open at Wickenburg Ranch!

This is DKondo last January (far left), when he had just grabbed low net amateur at an event and collected some big skins:



dk signup


Since BT has already signed up to play that week, DK will actually be the 2nd Wax Member playing in this event!

This is what I love about having done my research on the mechanically-correct golf swing – even a man who thought he was done playing competitively, at 64, is feeling those competitive juices flowing again, and he’s getting back in there and competingthat’s MCS, my friends!


jerry crowell bobble head


As stated, Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, Wax Golf’s resident PGA instructor and tournament player, has also entered this event as he dials up his tournament schedule for the Champions Tour Q School later this year.

Jerry @ Bear Creek GC, Murietta California

Farmers Insurance Open Qualifier



And to think I just returned home from Arizona last week – I’m sorely tempted to jump onto a flight into Phoenix that week to watch my two friends duke it out at the AZ Open…

Unfortunately I have other matters to which I must attend this month, first and foremost being the upcoming release of the MCS “Perfect Pivot” video, so I will be cheering them on from home.

Go Team Wax!




6 thoughts on “DKondo Enters The Arizona Senior Open!

  1. Ken Joersz

    This is what I’ve found so satisfying with the MCS swing. It’ll reinvigorate you and your game. Good luck to BT and DKondo!

    1. D Watts Post author

      Playing golf in the Arizona desert – I could think of worse things to do, KJ! 🙂

    1. D Watts Post author

      I would be flying down if I could, Lance – but not to coach – I would be going to cheer!

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