How Easy Is The “Perfect Pivot?”

azWell, that is the whole purpose of this upcoming video – I isolated the proper address position and mechanical action for a mechanically-correct golf swing over a year ago now.

I presented my findings in the “MCS – Ultimate Leverage” video in February of last year, and expanded on that in the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video last September.

Now, I will show you all the simplest version of the MCS golf swing action, based on the “floating pivot” action of Ben Hogan’s pre-and-post wreck swings, and with this simple action, you’ll be able to perform a golf swing pivot like no other.



You can see how easily the leg and hip action of a no-arms pivot translate easily to the same pivot action swinging a stick:

Perfect Pivot


And from there, the effortless pivot of 50 year old Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, PGA, instructor and tournament player, who is driving the ball over 300 yards with ease (and who actually carries the ball 300 yards with a good pop):

Bt Driver


You’ll also see how I personally work on the pivot with Wax Members such as DKondo, a low single handicap player (and this guy hits it down the middle every time), shown below working on his “floating pivot” action, with pivot and swing drills:

dk pivs


So that he can absolutely flush that ball on the down swing using just his body and leverage:

dk iron


You’ll notice that people will still retain their swing “fingerprint” when using the MCS “Perfect Pivot” action – there are no two people who ever swing alike, but when you use the “floating pivot” principles of Ben Hogan, as MWehrman is starting to get into below:

mw pivot


You will notice a dramatic improvement in distance, accuracy and consistency, because you’ll be swinging in the optimal way that the body was designed to move.

You’ve heard Bryson DeChambeau talk in the past few days about  “efficiency of motion.”

Unfortunately, his swing model is not representative of that, and he proved it by coming up lame in the right hip during his four rounds in the Masters last weekend.

The “Perfect Pivot” action of Ben Hoganthat’s what you want, and that’s why he almost never missed.



It wasn’t the swinging left, the flat plane, or the strange specs to his clubs – it was his pivot, and you can do it too…

MCS “Perfect Pivot” will be ready soon, and then you’ll all have the tools to build this pivot yourselves!



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    1. Laser

      BT…this could be just the beginning.

      Titleist gave Moe Norman $5000/mo. I’m sure they wrote it off as an expense, and rightly so. If fewer people quit golf (our of frustration or injury) that was good for business. They were hoping that Moe might have the answer.

      Now we have DJ…so, Callaway? $5,000 per month??

    1. D Watts Post author

      I am! Check out today’s posting and the video over at DJ’s Watering Hole… rollin’ rollin’ rollin’! 😀

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