Golf.Com Still Pushing Michelle Wie’s Hip-Busting Swing

wie stance anaThis is incredible.

Michelle Wie was doing something with her swing last year that caused her to have to suffer through a handful of left-side injuries, not the least of which was her left hip bursitis condition.

At one point, she was hobbling around in a medical boot, and she has left that wide-stanced, hip-busting move of last year behind.

Unfortunately, either is blissfully unaware that Michelle has moved on from this ridiculous stance and torso-twisting back swing, or they have just said “to hell with it” and continue to feature the same swing in this month’s issue, long after Michelle abandoned it in search of something less damaging to her body:

wie stance


First and foremost, notice how the article purports to help you “Knock It Close To The Pin,” while they show an out-dated driver swing from Ms. Wie.

Next, why not also mention that this same swing shown above gave her bursitis, and a bunch of other left-side injuries, and that she isn’t even swinging this way anymore?

None of the above information is relevant to’s instruction piece?

wie stance ana


This picture above shows Michelle’s new stance with an iron, by the way. Much better than the stance above, but then:

wie pivot ana


Still so horrifically restricted in the hips on the back swing pivot.  But nothing – nothing – is as bad as the stance and pivot in the clip that has resurrected to hurt yet more people who might listen to them.

Good news for Michelle though…

She’s walking again, having left that silly swing model behind – but you won’t be for long if you take’s swing advice seriously.


6 thoughts on “Golf.Com Still Pushing Michelle Wie’s Hip-Busting Swing

  1. Laser

    Maybe Leadbetter will do something about that stance with the left foot perpendicular to the target line.

    Idea: maybe I could be her coach, offer no advice, collect Leadbetter’s fee…and do less harm. Well, maybe I’d give her a list of all of the all-time greats who had a stance like that.

  2. Mike Divot

    Why T.F. did she go back to Pudbeater? She had her best year ever when she left him and did things her way and let nature take its course. Chalk up some wins and a major and she runs back to him? Can she be that dumb?

    As for Golf dot scum, they are full of it. They constantly run articles like “how to find the fairway with your driver every time”, “how to hit it to 30 feet every time”, “use my power tip to hit it 30 yards further every time”, “how to sink those 10 foot putts every time”.

    If their BS articles worked they’d put themselves out of business in 12 months.

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