Bryson DeChambeau’s Golf Swing

bryson dechambeau addressI caught Bryson DeChambeau’s 2nd round yesterday at the Masters as he played with Jordan Spieth and Paul Casey, and… those clubs…

13 degree upright, all the same length as a standard 6 iron, and it isn’t the clubs that make DeChambeau a good player.

He’s got an OK swing (modern, so you know…), but if you’re wondering about those two driver swings on 18 – you have no further to look than the fact that he’s a planted-heel swinger, though I happen to really like his setup, shown below:

bryson dechambeau address


I won’t belabor the points of an MCS address and setup because you are all familiar with the points by now, but aside from the narrowness of the stance, you would expect I’d like his lower body setup.

Bryson DeChambeau Swings


He’s also got a very solid back swing pivot to start with

On that back swing however, you see the reason for the narrow stance – a planted leading heel all the way, leading to a restricted back swing and ending at the top with some torso-hip separation.

dechambeau seq


Right there, as I’ve always said, you’re risking a left miss when you swing back in this manner, and although most good players can time their swings properly most of the time, the left miss jumps up and bite Bryson at the most inopportune time.

But that’s what happens under pressure.

Nonetheless, except for the modern mechanics, which will affect his consistency under pressure, as well as the loss of power – he stands 185 cm or 6′ tall, and hits it about as far as Jordan Spieth short, and for a man of his obvious athleticism, the smoking gun of the lost power in this swing.

He hit just over 55% greens in the events he played last season, so it’s not like he’s sacrificing distance for accuracy – it’s the swing.

This is the thing, though – he’s only 22 years old, and has the nickname of “Mad Scientist.”

So I’m thinking, a kid with his intelligence will surely figure out soon enough that a swing model with such a glaring power leak – can’t be optimal.

And when he figures that out, he’ll start getting around to finding those optimal mechanics.

I think he’s well on the way – other than the narrow stance, he’s set up the way you want to be.

In fact, Brandel Chamblee made mention this week during a Golf Channel telecast that DeChambeau figures any change or manipulation in the stance will lead to the same in the swing.

So, the only manipulation or change in a proper setup I see is the narrow stance, but that’s for the following reason:

It’s just that modern move on the back swing…

So, like I told people who’ve asked me about Bryson – if he’s as sharp as billed, then he won’t be swinging modern style for long.

I’ll wait and see…

13 thoughts on “Bryson DeChambeau’s Golf Swing

  1. targettom

    Well they keep talking about him having memorized The Golfing Machine. Is the floating heel pivot in that book? If not, to make the change he’s going to have to divorce that book.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Big Toilet – isn’t that the book you tried to unload on me last year while we sat on your patio – only to have me throw it back at you after trying to read thru it?

  2. Laser

    The Golfing Machine…yikes. That kind of analysis consists of observing the golf motion, and analyzing how a machine would do it.

    The problem is, the human body doesn’t do it that way. Iron Byron might look like it performs a golf swing…but it doesn’t. Only one arm, tighter grip, no lower body movement, no “shoulder turn”…

  3. targettom

    Nice point Laser. I don’t see how anyone intelligent can buy into the idea the body is like a machine. Machines have no touch. They can’t adjust to conditions. They can’t think or visualize.They don’t have an incredible range of variability…etc. etc. Unfortunately the press given to this young man is going to sell a lot of those Golfing Machine books. Good news for chiropractors and physiotherapists, maybe they should sponsor him

    1. Brandon

      Too many people are obssessed with their perception of perfection. A machine can be built to perform something perfectly. The human body was built to throw, swing & move to survive and flourish. The instinct to do this is inherent in the human but it has to be programmed into the machine & the machine can only perforn its inputs and algorithms.

      I believe that Bryson will have a problem with pulls cause of the the way he works his shoulders through the downswing. I saw a few of his swings & he comes out high with his right shoulder coming down & it looks like he is wiping across the ball.

      I honestly don’t see him changing his mind unless something happens to where he can’t compete.

  4. buddhabob

    the guy is top heavy, meaning he thinks too much and is cerebral. Not good for an athlete, sorry. And his swing is a queer looking very restricted looking thing. There is just no real swing or flow there. The premise seems to be to eliminate entirely one moving part, the wrists. But in doing this you end up creating this very awkward, weak looking thing, a kind of mutant spawn and then after that you are bound to justify it as its your baby and you have invested much time in its bastard creation.

    I think it was Dr. Frankenstein himself who was the last in the story to consider killing his own creation and then even it was an agonizing decision. No I think this kid is stuck with this very,very unnatural motion now, something that looks more like a gay ballroom dancer swinging a driver inside a phone booth. Truthfully folks, would the great Arnold Palmer really want to be seen in the same twosome with this guy?

    1. D Watts Post author

      You’re on a roll today, buddhabob – I think he’s a nice young man, but I don’t see the reason for equipment like that.

      Heck, Jordan Spieth is showing that in this modern age, you don’t even need a golf swing, let alone a perfect one…

  5. targettom

    I don’t know why anyone would want to lower themselves to behaving like a machine.

    I think Dustin Johnson had a great insight earlier in the week as reported by Michelson. Phil said he was talking with Bryson within earshot of Dustin, and they were talking (essentially) about applying math, algorithms and trigonometry to putting. Dustin said (basically) “If I listen to you guys I wouldn’t be able to break 100”.

  6. buddhabob

    this just in, Bryce said after today that he ‘got tired’ by the 3rd round and that he had trouble with his right hip that caused him to pull that drive on 18.

    How old is this dude? 22? No, wrong. 20? There is a new and nefarious normal out there everyone. Now golfers bodies apparently are supposed to break down anytime due to exhaustion,fate,the alignment of the stars and the sleeping position the night before.

    Doesnt have anything to do with the fact that when he swings it looks like he’s turning inside a long,narrow barrel, that or a deserted phone booth in Anaheim.

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