Gary Player Nails It On The Classic Golf Swing

player setupI read a very interesting comment by Gary Player yesterday from the GeoffShackelford blog, and I think it illustrates perfectly the dilemma faced by Modern Golf Swing advocates – they have to admit that players are breaking down swinging this way.

I didn’t hear the original comments by either Brandel Chamblee or Frank Nobilo, but I can assume that Player was responding to the implication that players are over the hill after 30, whomever did so.

Well, in the modern golf swing world, that may very well be true. The greatest player with modern swing, Tiger Woods, is done at 40.


And due to nothing more than the way he swung, from his amateur years to when he broke his back working with Sean Foley.

The current #1 ranked player, Jason Day, has a bad back and I fear he’s on the same track as TW before him – the story is that he’s got a disc issue in the lower lumbar, and we have heard that before, recently.

So the #1 player may not make it to 30, and it’s nothing more than the way he swings.

Gary Player:

I’m listening to Brandel, and I’m listening to ‑‑ what’s his name from New Zealand, Frank Nobilo, talking about all the guys, you’ve got to win in your early 20s, and as you get into your 30s, you’re starting to deteriorate.

Have they no idea what is transpiring with the human being?  Have they have no idea what’s taking place in the world today?  They’re so oblivious to what’s around them.

So I’ve always said that a man at 50 would win the Masters and I was ridiculed.  Raymond Floyd needed to birdie No. 17 with a 9‑iron, and he would have won the Masters at 49, nearly 50.  But be that as it may.

I win the Masters at 42, which I thought was quite impressive.  He (Jack) comes along and wins it at 46.  But don’t forget, Julius Boros, won the PGA at 48.  People forget about these things.

And there it is in a nutshell – we’ve already established that the “competition” today isn’t any harder to beat than the competition was in Jack Nicklaus‘ era, and yet you had all of these over-30 and even over-40 guys winning tournaments and majors.

And no, it was not easier for Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and others to win their majors in the Nicklaus era… they just lasted longer and competed older.

Of course, the players named above swung in the Classic Golf Swing style…

player setup


By the way, did anyone catch 80-yr old Gary Player, who would likely out-drive Tiger Woods right now, swinging in that gorgeous Classic style and with those oh-so-MCS setup & swing mechanics?

Vijay Singh won a major in his 40’s, swinging in the classic golf swing style.

Phil Mickelson – the same.

So Mickelson, a guy with the most majors after Tiger Woods (who would have won with any swing, he proved – but would be still playing if it was the classic swing he’d gone with), swings classic style and is still competitive at 45.

Oh, and he has an arthritic condition…

The guy with the most wins over 40 (Singh) ever on the Tour – swings in the classic style, and is still playing in regular Tour events in his early 50’s…

Seeing a pattern here?

You can play golf with the Modern Golf Swing. Golf is a game and involves more than just the full swing.  You can even win tournaments swinging that way.

But it is much harder work to maintain than swinging the way you’re designed to move, and you likely will incur injuries that are completely avoidable with a better swing model, and if you swing hard enough – the Modern Golf Swing will literally break your back.

The choice is yours.



8 thoughts on “Gary Player Nails It On The Classic Golf Swing

  1. David

    DJ, I think it is worth saying that there is no better way to learn the golf swing than MCS.

    The story of Leon signing up for 40, FORTY lessons with Golftec and quitting after 15 is enough to make people give up the game entirely. Spend thousands of dollars and leave more lost than when you start. Hooked up to monitors and lights and still have no idea what you are to do.

    It was minutes with Leon that he hit the ball better than he had in years .. MINUTES. The golf swing is not as complicated as we are led to believe. 40 lessons, you have to be kidding me, but how else are they going to stay in business.

    Since I have seen some of the parts of the video as it was being shot, I know that this is the end all piece that people have been looking and dreaming of for years. I know I have!!! I saw what happened to people this week.

    Experience this game changing pivot video and golf will be fun again.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I couldn’t believe it when Leon told us that story… and a few minutes on the range getting MCS’d and he was all smiles!

      leon mcs

      I love it when a plan comes together…

  2. buddhabob

    the modern swing has been institutionalized like so much else in the new economy and is a money maker now for the largely unathletic and failed golfers who teach it, many of whom resort to alcohol in the twilight of their careers.

    all the calibrating is useless and distracting for all but the most professional golfer imo. And most of the time for a real pro should simply be spent practicing on putting surfaces. Jordan Spieth demonstrates this without a doubt, his setup,the stability of his squared stance and his stroke are all golden and are the reason he is so dominant.

    You look at guys who should know better competing in the 2nd round now looking to their caddies, to God, to the crowds,etc. when they miss.

    Primarily this is because they need to be married to that surface 3 hours minimum daily until they go to the next level, so many seem so tentative over putts, some missing 20 footers by entire zip codes, clearly this is the prime deficiency in golf today and one of the big reasons is that teachers cant make much money selling golf instruction on the greens.

    I said this is all a modern phenomenon, the modern swing which is corrupt at its source but this is happening across many industries.

    I recently purchased an audio book with a good recommendation, narrated by a top artist in that budding field. He was reading a classic war story with a high lisping voice and obvious affectation.

    Now how exactly does a guy like that do over 600 audio books, many of which are on best seller lists without some serious cultural disconnect going on? the times themselves are strange and marketing and the sale are the be all and end all

  3. Brandon

    I have to agree with you Deej, I understand what Player was saying but he was partially wrong. The older guys had swings that lasted forever as long as they stay physically healthy and fit. The players of today will have to overhaul their swings every 10-15 years just to compete from body breakdown.

    If Brandel and Nobilo were saying that they are witnessing more players break down in their 30s and 40s today and that you have to win early in your career, then they are right. A lot of these players aren’t going to be top tier after 35.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I agree with both points – players are breaking down earlier, and Player is right that older players prospered in the classic age.

  4. jh32

    The real proof to all of this is to just remember who started the champions tour, and look who won there at the beginning.

  5. major tom

    as I recall chamblee was discussing mickelson’s comments on the violent modern swing when noblio asked (paraphrase) “is golf a sprint or a marathon?” then proceeded to paint a picture of golf’s future as lowering senior tour eligibility to 35 – 40 y.

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