MCS “Perfect Pivot” Release Next Week!

pivotOf course, the reason I went to Arizona both times in March and April was to shoot video for the upcoming “MCS – Perfect Pivot video.

In this video, I show that the ultimate golf pivot is the one based on Ben Hogan’s mechanical pivot action.

And it has turned out as beautifully as I had hoped.  DKondo’s outdoor golf studio made for the perfect setting.



Thanks to my work down in Arizona the past month, I was able to develop the simplest and most basic explanation and pivot action for the golf swing pivot, because the action really is leg and hip based.



The arms and club just come along for the ride, really…

And when I have combined all of the new concepts on explaining a golf pivot with some of the historical video from “Ultimate Leverage” and “MCS – Kinesiology” projects – this will be my best video yet.

dj piv



11 thoughts on “MCS “Perfect Pivot” Release Next Week!

  1. Brandon

    Hey Deej, off topic, but I am watching the masters online and they are following Case, Spieth and DeShambeau group and I was curious about what you think about the single iron concept. I was thinking that it would be good for beginners learning the game because they could just learn one swing with their irons until they can develop the repeatability to use different length clubs.

    I know Wishon just came out with a set that he had been working on with Jacoob Bowden called the sterling single length irons that are built to lengths between 36.5-37″.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’m going to have to get a look at DeChambeau tomorrow as I don’t get the Masters online feed in Canada, B.

      I have heard a lot about him and can’t really comment until I see something. The idea of same length clubs is intriguing, but as of now, I don’t have a reference point.

      I may after tomorrow’s coverage.

      1. Brandon

        Yea its definitely shaping up to be like I thought it would after day 1 for the most part. I have only two disappointments and that is Dustin Johnson and Rickie Fowler but Day and Spieth are doing exactly what I thought they would do

        1. Brandon

          So much for Jason day not being a disappointment he bogeyed two & doubled one out of the last four holes

          1. D Watts Post author

            That was a triple on 16, B – he went bogey, triple & bogey on 15, 16 and 17…

    1. D Watts Post author

      HK greetings!

      I am hoping for the end of the week. The Masters is finished and I will be at it until the video is completed.

      I might mention that I will also be enjoying post-Masters dim sum today – one has to keep one’s strength up for the coming week! 😉 DJ

    1. D Watts Post author

      Oh, you know I will, HK! And some cheong fun, sui mai, tsa siu bao… lol…and on and on 😉

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