Wax Golf Southwest Summit 2 In The Books!

received_1005708046176993I am sitting out in DKondo’s backyard a little after 6am, enjoying the cool desert air as the first pale rays of the sun paint the rooftops.

After a whole day in that same blazing sun at the Wax Golf Southwest Summit 2, it is very refreshing!

Head pro Trevor Finton & the Golf Club of Estrella once again provided an excellent venue and reception for those attending, and while it was a smaller affair than Summit 1, I once again was touched by the excitement and joy shown by those who began the transformation from modern to classic golf swinging.

I will tell anyone teaching the classic golf swing that Brandel Chamblee’s new book “The Anatomy of Greatness” makes for one heck of a primer to reinforce the stance & setup of a classic swing.

chamblee book cover


I began yesterday’s Summit in the usual manner, explaining how you cannot reinvent the wheel and, while there are infinite ways to swing a golf club, there really is only one way to swing with mechanical and athletic correctness – and that is the way the greatest legends of the classic era did it.

After explaining the MCS setup and pivot action, I simply had to pass around the book for everyone to see for themselves how eerily similar the greats were in the same regard.

Variances in a few tiny aspects, yes, because no two people swing exactly the same, but all within a matrix that comprises what we could call “classic.”

If you could see the faces of people who have struggled with injuries and/or chronic pain with the modern swing and who now could easily perform a near-90 degree shoulder turn with just the hip and leg action, classic golf swing style – you would have to admit that nothing beats setting up and pivoting the way the body is designed to move.

Below, you can see the pic I took at day’s end – I was melting in the desert sun and eager swingers kept at it long after most had departed.

What can I say, other than swinging in the classic golf swing style is addictive once you see the results!

End of Summit 2 – Hardcore Swingers Remain!



I will be boarding the return flight to Toronto in a couple of hours, and it is a bittersweet moment.  The Phoenix area of Arizona feels like a home away from home, and I have enjoyed the friendship and hospitality offered by so many here.

There is now a video on the MCS “Perfect Pivot” to be completed, and I will be hard at work tomorrow while keeping an eye on Day 1 of the 2016 Masters.

Thanks again to Trevor and the folks at Estrella, you all are the greatest, and look forward eagerly to Summit 3, whenever that may be.

To Wax Nation, my apologies for the dearth of posts, but when one is on the ground in golf country, there is so much to do with so little time, I will have to catch up with the pics and videos upon my return.

Big things cooking in the classic golf swing kitchen, and I have found with each Summit and personal swing session that, while the MCS model remains the same, the explanation and demonstration of it are becoming ever more simple and basic.

Farewell for now, my friends!

DJ & DKondo Unpack The Tesla – AZ




5 thoughts on “Wax Golf Southwest Summit 2 In The Books!

  1. Laser

    “a near-90 degree shoulder turn with just the hip and leg action”

    –Bingo. The word “shoulder” was always a death-move for me when I tried to make sense out of conventional golf instruction.

    “Shoulder turn” is simply an observation from video–not an explanation of what is actually happening. There’s a swing involved, but for me the word “shoulders” short-circuits it.

  2. Donalm

    “Enjoying the cool desert air as the first pale rays of the sun paint the rooftops.”
    DJ you are a poet beautifully said.

    Well guess who came down my drive yesterday at 15:00 none other than Brandel Chamblee

    All wrapped up in an Amazon wrapper having crossed the Atlantic very quick so I skipped what I was doing and said I’m having a bath I loving reading in the bath I can concentrate more when I read.

    The book for me is like a My golf scrap book of years gone by.

    I am sure he has worked very hard on his research but without the videos and information I have received from DJ Watts I would struggle to get to grips with it, understand it or learn from it.

    I am not knocking it back but in my opinion if ever a learning book required a video or DVD accompaniment this is the one and the best possible video for this is the complete works of DJ Watts.

    Mr Chamblee should look at your work and licence your product to accompany his second edition print. There I’ve said it the book is only one part and you need both.

    DJ it is OK to write about raising the left heel or the angled stance but you make it understandable and make it visible frame by frame. I will never hit the ball 300 yds but you and only you have made my golf enjoyable every shot.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, Donal! I am getting to work on the “MCS – Perfect Pivot” as I speak, and hope to have released by next Friday… lots of work ahead! 🙂

  3. Chief Cowpie

    Good points Donalm! While I celebrate this “Return of the Jedi” rebellion in such folks as Brandel against the modern swing, ultimately at the table of the highly evolved theories of Davis Jaladuta Watts is where the hunger for understanding shall find fulfillment.

  4. Chief Cowpie

    Read Brandel’s book last night and as the Slovaks say, “Wushka babushka!”, ergo, great book. DJ and otters are not underestimating the scope and importance of this book in properly shaking a stick at a ball in the effort to move it in the desired direction.

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