Wax Golf Boot Camp In Arizona

received_1003810089700122It was a great morning at DKondo’s this morning.  Humbray stopped by with son Nick and his friend Brian, and before too long NB and I were on the putting green looking at his pivot.

Brian (BV) stepped up and after a while, we all convened to DK’s hitting station, where we started off hitting 8 irons before moving to the Driver.

Then DK brought out the speed speed radar and Boot Camp turned into a swing speed contest.

Nick took the early lead at 122 and stayed there until I got a couple at 123 mph, and NB promptly cracked a 124 then 125 mph swing.

BV & NB In Goodyear, AZ


Considering Humbray said NB and BV were smashing some 350 yard drives earlier in the week, I may  have found the young swinger in NB who will easily surpass anything I can do, swinging MCS.

It was only the second time NB and I have worked together, but is progress has been phenomenal with Humbray watching over him in Ohio.

It looks as well as though we may establish a Wax Golf Midwest Chapter based in Ohio.

And that, my friends, is a really good development!

Humbray & DK



Another Wax Nation member, Trey, will be arriving later this afternoon, and Boot Camp continues…



6 thoughts on “Wax Golf Boot Camp In Arizona

  1. humbray

    DJ,Thanks for some swing speed fun at DK’s. I could not think of a better way to end our week then by working on MCS. Thanks to Dave and Nancy too. Good Luck with rest of summit. Humbray”113″

  2. David

    Safe travels “113”!!!! I felt good getting to 106!! Was it not amazing to see all those numbers and not an ache or pain anywhere. MCS will be back to the future. When I see you again plan on 114 😉

    1. D Watts Post author

      Keep perfecting that sweet swing big guy!

      Woulda been nice had you been able to make it…maybe next time!

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