Forbes – “Anatomy” Most Important Golf Book Of Our Generation?

forbesYou can check out Forbes Magazine online and read an article by contributor Larry Omsted, who asks that pertinent question:

Is Brandel Chamblee’s “The Anatomy of Greatness” the most important golf book in our generation?

The answer, simply, is “Yes.”


I won’t belabor my own thoughts on the book, but I said the same day I read it, that it would surpass Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons.”

If that’s even close to coming true, it would then be a no-brainer “Book of our generation,” would it not?

And here’s why, in Omsted’s own words:

It might well end up being the most important work in golf in years, or decades, and its thesis is shocking – though it shouldn’t be. One thing is for certain – Chamblee has plenty of compelling evidence to support his amazing claims.

I’ll take issue with the choice of the word “claims,” because there’s no “claim” to something that is simple fact.

I, for example, don’t “claim” but rather “assert” that the earth orbits the sun.

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chamblee book cover


Moving on, here is the crux of why the Classic Golf Swing cannot be forever held down in favor of the flawed and unworkable Modern Golf Swing – because it is the correct way to swing, so it is only a matter of time before the Modern Swing goes away from most teaching.

And as Omsted writes:

His basic argument is that the way the golf swing is taught today is fundamentally flawed, and misses this basic element for a faster swing that is also more user-correctable during its duration, and much physically easier on the body.

And here is the gem of the article, which is the crux of what I’ve been saying on this blog for years:

Of the 50 players who have won the most Tour events, 47 of them lifted their heel on the backswing.

Amateurs are being told not to do it because that builds power. It doesn’t. It doesn’t build power at all. It’s the big lie.

The Big Lie.

That’s the Modern Golf Swing, my friends.

Because when a Modern Golf Swing instructor tells you that the modern swing is for creating power from the ground, they have no answer to why the world’s longest long drivers swing like this:



When you ask them about why the greatest long drivers swing the way the Classic Golf Swing players did and not in the Modern style, you will only get a shrug or a defiant repudiation of the fact.

What you won’t get is an admission that the claim is completely false and if they don’t know it… why don’t they?

That’s the question I keep asking myself…

So, now Forbes, and last week it was the Wall Street Journal talking about Brandel’s new book.

Now, why would Big Money be looking at and talking about a new book that, according to modern swing theory, is old news and out-dated?

DJ’s Advice: Follow the  money…



4 thoughts on “Forbes – “Anatomy” Most Important Golf Book Of Our Generation?

  1. Laser

    “47 of them lifted their heel”

    –Something’s missing…the downswing. I don’t expect you to give it away, but I wonder if Brandel did.

    My guess is that he didn’t. If not, I’ll wait for his next book. Oh well, as they say, “Half a loaf is better than none.”

    1. D Watts Post author

      Bizarre comment of the day…

      What on earth leads you to conclude that Chamblee doesn’t address and explain the down swing, Laser?

      Which, if that were the case, would make it half a book?

      Head-scratcher of a comment!

      1. Laser

        Well, my bad, if he did address the downswing.

        I was going by reviewer comments, which only mentioned the lifted lead heel.

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