It’s About Change – And Brandel Chamblee Is The Agent

chamblee book3If you have been wondering why I’ve been pushing so hard on Brandel Chamblee’s book “The Anatomy of Greatness,” then you obviously haven’t read it yet – because once you do, you’ll understand why.

This has never been about my trying to carve out a niche in the game of golf, or to earn a living teaching the golf swing – it has been my focus on changing the golf swing back to the proper fundamentals of the Classic Golf Swing era.

I am a purist, you see, having competed in sports like basketball, hockey, baseball and track & field, and I picked up these sports and did very well in them in a very short time, before getting bored and picking up another sport – simply because of my focus on technique.

I didn’t know it at the time, but every time I got enthused with a new sport in which to participate, it became an obsession – I not only had to participate in this new sport, I had to excel

davis 82


I never did anything in sports to be “good enough.” That would have been an insult, to be called “good enough.”

I had what some may call a turbulent childhood, and I found solace in sports and reading.

And whatever I took up, I took up with my entire being.

I wanted to be the best, I wanted to be elite. I wanted to be top-tier.

And I went about doing it, albeit without knowing that I was, the correct way – by focusing on technique.

I spent thousands of hours watching the pros at the sport, and I spent even more hours by myself, practicing in my solitary quest to perfect my short-stop throw, my free throw motion, my sprinting form… on and on and on.

And with golf, it was no different.

Even before I took up the cause of trying to figure out for myself the “proper” golf swing, I spent hundreds of hours looking at swings, my own and those of Ben Hogan and Moe Norman, back in the late 90’s.



And so, it was never an intention at 35 years of age to earn a living teaching the golf swing, or to spend my days on the range or golf course – it was simply to figure out why the golf swing had eluded me in figuring it out, the way I’d figured out how to quickly become proficient in other sports.

It has been my goal, since I realized very early on how flawed and incorrect just about everything is, with the Modern Golf Swing.

A man who may have been the single greatest person ever to play the game, one Tiger Woods, will never achieve the majors count that would have made it official.



And it was the Modern Golf Swing that was his undoing.

How tragic is that?

And the official “Greatest Ever,” one Jack Nicklaus, will be forever the man with 18 majors won over a more than 25 year span, and the reason he was able to do that is because of his swing – it was mechanically sound.




So, the Modern Swing was a huge problem for me, once I realized what it was.

It had to be changed.

Back to the proper and correct swing principles of the Classic Golf Swing era from the time of Bobby Jones to the 1970’s.

So I threw myself into further swing research, and have been blogging about the golf swing for nearly 9 years now.

It has been a lonely battle.

Part of the problem has been that, however correct I was, I would only reach a small percentage of golfers, and I might change a few people’s way of thinking, but it would never be a “movement,” if you will.

I am not the first person to decry the modern golf swing, or the loss of the “floating heel” on the back swing pivot.

high heel


Still, it was like paddling through pudding.

And then…

Brandel Chamblee wrote his book.

The waves are growing from ripples in the pond to the swell that, once it achieves critical mass, will return the golf swing to its proper home – “Classic-ville…”

I see now that the tide is turning, but I was correct in my realization that it would take someone of Brandel Chamblee’s stature in the world of golf to effect that change.

So, I am very happy that he’s written this book, and grateful to him for giving the stone a big push to get it started.

The more people push, the faster this will roll.

But it’s moving, people!

This book will be a collector’s piece, I am telling you all right now.

And I’ve got my 1st Print Edition…

Link to Order

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7 thoughts on “It’s About Change – And Brandel Chamblee Is The Agent

  1. Jason

    There was also that long period where you studied Mike Austin’s stuff too. And even though you’ve moved on, I’m sure that was invaluable.

    1. D Watts Post author

      A very long period, Jason – from ’09 to ’13…

      I ultimately gave up on the Mike Austin model because of its fatal flaw – the shifting head on the back swing from a centered stance.

      I couldn’t reconcile that, but the current MCS model is virtually identical to his (mechanically-correct is mechanically-correct, as we’ve seen in Brandel’s book). The only difference is the right-bias (no more head movement, proper spine tilt at address and not just impact) and the angled stance that I took from Hogan’s model.

      No two mechanically-correct swing models can have that much difference, as you see comparing the greats.

      The thing is, even one change can produce significant difference in execution – for me it was the shifting head.

      But like you say, I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now with the swing without the years of studying Austin. Once I developed what I thought were “universal golf swing” principles, I noticed how many of them the MA model contained, so it wasn’t a waste of time, by any means.

      1. Jason

        Absolutely. What I love about your journey DJ is that while you obviously delved into certain swingers and philosophies quite deeply, you were open-minded enough to explore and realize that there were things that you didn’t like with Austin’s swing and have the ability to move on, while still understanding all the good things that worked with that model.

  2. David

    Most of us here found DJ because of Austin. When we found out he was actually a myth, some got mad and left, others stayed because DJ in his honest demeanor had gained our trust and we are richer for it.

  3. Chief Cowpie

    “Riches I need not nor man’s empty praise.” Just stop swinging that frickin modern swing. Folks, you are hurting yourselves for 1/2 the distance. “Know ye not that thou art gods.”

    Paraphrasing DJ’s message

  4. Laser

    Here’s how I’ll know if Brandel is the real deal, or if he is just working from photos.

    Once the golfer gets that lead heel off the ground and gets to the top of the backswing…what’s the move down? If Brandel’s book explains it, then he’s the real deal.

  5. Lance

    DJ- regarding that first move down… I sometimes get lost in the sequence. I noticed that for myself after I’ve gotten to the top, lead heel up, I then TURNED MY KNEE BACK TO THE LEFT AND BROUGHT MY LEFT HEEL DOWN AT SAME TIME. Is this a no-no I don’t know but I’ve noticed lately in my own swing.

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