Chamblee’s “Anatomy” At #2 On Amazon Golf Books List

chamblee book coverBrandel Chamblee’s “The Anatomy of Greatness” is currently #2 on the Golf Books Bestseller listings.

Taking the #1 spot is Harvey Penick’s “Little Red Book,” but I imagine that’s because it was being hyped all weekend on NBC’s broadcasts – so I expect “Anatomy” to reach #1 before long – and stay there for awhile…

And look – it’s one spot ahead of Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons”!



No surprise, considering just the amount of Wax Golf readers who reported pre-ordering the book before the official release.

I’m sure that’s just a small number of the eventual final tally.

Again, if you haven’t ordered this book yet, I’ve had lots to say about it, and I would not say the things I’ve said if I didn’t believe them.

Not to mention, I’ve put my money where my mouth is, with my own 5 Star rating on the book…

I’ve spent 11 years of research on the golf swing, and I would not jeopardize that work with a false or misleading review.

Link to Order

chamblee book cover


It is the real deal.  So if you’re a Wax Golf reader and haven’t yet picked up the book, and by all means, let the world know how much you like it, because I can’t imagine anyone who subscribes to MCS swing theory not loving it.

Let’s help Brandel’s masterpiece get to #1 and really shake things up!

And we’ll see how the golf world reacts to this bucket of Classic Golf Swing ice-water to the face of Modern Golf Swing…