Tony Finau Nabs 1st Tour Win – Could Be A Monster

finau releaseTony Finau
, a fine young man, whom I remember from nearly ten years ago when he and his younger brother competed in a season of The Big Break, captured his first PGA Tour title yesterday.

In the opposite event to the World Match Play, Finau won on the 3rd playoff hole against winless Steve Marino to take the Puerto Rico Open.

Finau is a athletic specimen, standing 6’4″ and who in his 2nd season on Tour currently leads the Tour driving distance stats with nearly 315 yards per pop, with an average club impact speed of 125.12 mph (3rd highest).

Being tall and athletic is a sure-fire recipe for being a big hitter, but you’ll also notice that Tony is a modern golf swing player.

This would be a cause for concern on my part were I keeping watch over him, as he won’t be 26 and flexible and physically fit as a fiddle forever.

Tony Finau At The Top – Dtl

finau top


And what I view as a shortish back-swing (planted-heel restricted hip pivots will do that to you), with that quick change of direction at the top – you’re looking at another great, athletic swinger risking lower back injuries in the future by simple virtue of the swing model he’s using.

That top position above – a very short back swing with which to generate impact speed averages of 125 mph, and as he gets older, if that back swing stays this short, he’ll need an even quicker change of direction with harder driving legs, and that just doesn’t ever end well for power swingers.

I caught the last few holes of the 4th round and the playoff, and Finau was blowing everything right with his driver.

If you look again at his top position – again, not a lot of space and time to get square to the ball at impact with a 125 mph swing…

Still, he’s great extension on the follow-through, nice release action on the proper angle rather than the “swing left” stuff we usually see, so it’s not the worst thing in the world compared to, say, Jason Day’s change of direct and impact-extension phase.

Finau Releases – DTL

finau release


Tony Finau likely has a long and successful PGA Tour career ahead of him – if that back and the hips stay healthy with his modern golf swing move.

I always that the time to change is before any injury hits, not afterward.

Afterward is still better than never, just not optimal.

And here’s to hoping fervently that Finau doesn’t become another member of the Wax Golf post-analysis injury jinx club – I like this kid!

But then, Jason Day is my favorite player, and I can hear a clock ticking with deafening volume, with an arrow pointed straight at his lower back.



6 thoughts on “Tony Finau Nabs 1st Tour Win – Could Be A Monster

  1. Brandon

    Yea I really hope these kids come to their senses. I can see these kids like Rory, Day, Spieth, Finau & Fowler having those decade long runs of top tier, legendary matchups like Nicklaus, Player, Miller and Watson had if they can just get their swing senses together. That semi final between Rory and Day is what golf is missing right now.

    1. D Watts Post author

      The problem with today’s stars is that, since Tiger, no one has been able to stay consistent or healthy enough to really create a Big Anything. Tiger was consistent for years, although at the expense of his physical health and playing longevity.

      It doesn’t have to be that way – the best swings are the most mechanically-sound, so you don’t have to wreck yourself just to be good or to be consistent.

      Spieth, believe it or not, had what I truly think was his career season, and time will tell. Day’s back won’t last long with that move, and Rory is Rory, an incredible talent and enigma, although enjoying the good life and perhaps not attaining his best, in lieu of a monk’s existence to be his absolute best, is hardly enigmatic to me..

      1. Jason

        Great comment Dj on Rory perhaps not attaining his best. I think beyond the knowledge aspect of golf, there’s also the challenge of execution. That takes dedication, time and a certain mentality.

        Even if his swing is unsound (though I believe slightly less so than some of his peers), he certainly has the talent and ‘enigma’, as you say, to be great (he already is great having won however many majors, but I mean like truly great).

        But I must say I agree with Chamblee on being concerned with the weight lifting. Fast and swift is better for golf. Your thoughts?

        1. D Watts Post author

          There is absolutely no need for a person of Rory’s size and strength to be so obsessed with weight-lifting, other than the obvious – for the ladies.

          The tight shirts and jerseys that he wears are all the reason you need for why he’s doing it.

          For golf, it makes absolutely no sense – I can drive the ball as far as Rory does, probably longer, and I don’t work out at all.

          You swing properly using leverage and not muscle power, but then I don’t use a modern swing 😉

          So, if he’s looking for something in the weight-room that has to do with playing better golf… I have no idea what it is.

  2. David

    Hey DJ, I have lots of clothes in my closet we can try on and they will be tight to impress the ladies …. NOT… LOL

    I watched many young ladies this week who play on the Cactus Tour. Check their instagram pages and it shows the pictures of them in the gym lifting weights that probably exceed their own body weight. These are golf specialized facilities as well, watch, in 5 years the industry will change and you and Brandel will be the cause.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Nothing tighter than the beige Greg Norman slacks, I hope, DK! I couldn’t believe they fit me when I got back to Canada.

      And if any lasting change comes to how people view and work on their golf swings… it can only be a good thing, whomever is the cause!

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