Justin Rose Sipping From the Holy Grail?

RoseI was sent this swing gif. by DKondo this past weekend, and apologies for the picture quality, but he noticed something and grabbed a clip on his phone while watching the Bay Hill Invitational.

He also remarked to me that Justin Rose had a couple of “longest drives” on certain holes.

This is interesting, because Rose has never been known as a power swinger, but don’t look now – the man with the same coach as Tiger Woods and the center-biased planted-heel swing model, may have begun to sip from the Holy Grail

The Holy Grail reference is of course alluding to the term Brandel Chamblee used to describe how the most important part of the pivot (free swinging hips and a floating leading heel), in the same manner I called the loss of the floating heel the “Death Blow” to modern golf swing philosophy.

And here is something DKondo captured on the weekend with Justin Rose swinging on the tee block:

Justin Rose Has Some Leading Heel Lift!

justin rose


And notice how the floating heel gives Justin that extra hip pivot and watch the leverage and the speed with which he comes down from the top and through that ball.

Other than the squatting position at address (not optimal as it interferes with a full and proper hip pivot), this is a very athletic and mechanically-sound move.

And make no mistake – if Tiger Woods had never changed his right-biased setup from his early and dominant years, and if he had implemented even that slight lift you see in Rose’s back swing – he’d most and very likely still be playing and dominating golf, if not still a Top-5 World Ranked player.

Father Time defeats us all, and Tiger is 40, but Phil Mickelson swings in the classic style and will be 46 this year…

This is an awesome Justin Rose, and if he continues down the road to complete mechanical soundness, J Rose could well make a big noise in the coming few years’ majors.

Like I said, he’s not there yet, I believe he’s still center-biasing his stance – but that swing above is far better than anything I’ve ever seen from Rose – and that leading heel is now lifting.

That is a good thing for his lower back, driving distance and ability to get it out there past where he was hitting it a couple of years ago.

The more classic golf swing principles you have in your swing, the better off you will be, both physically and mentally.

I may have found my new player to watch! I love Jason Day, but it’s very difficult to watch him swing.

The swing above doesn’t make me wince, and I want to see more of Justin Rose!


What’s old is new, my friends – and it’s never too late to go back to proper swing principles.

Your back and scorecard will thank you.


7 thoughts on “Justin Rose Sipping From the Holy Grail?

  1. David

    At the end of the year, Rose started playing with the new M1 driver and was outdriving Rory. Rory started changing shafts to get the edge back thinking it was the new driver …. maybe it was much simpler, a little lift of the heel. To think this is a Foley guys, amazing.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I would go with the new back swing sequence over the new driver myself, DK.

      And Foley’s model that TW was trying to copy – that’s been discredited by now, and not based on anything I have to say about it, so I expect to see his players moving away from it, even if they stay with him.

      Just my take on it.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Looking at his driving stats this year to date vs last year, not really enough to form a precise picture but:

      He’s averaging 1 mph higher avg club speed, 2 yards more avg in driving, so he’s moving up in metrics. To avg 2 yrds more per drive would explain the longest ones out there when he catches it flush.

      And all it took (in my opinion) was a little sip from the Holy Grail!

      1. jingusus

        Fantastic! Happy to hear about Justin and quite amazing the change! I actually sponsored a golf event of his a couple years ago and was cringing at the way he was torquing his back. Beyond the performance element, looking forward to his longevity.

  2. Chief Cowpie

    I actually know the back story behind Justin’s swing change. Justin, who is from England which is also home to many devoted horticultural enthusiasts and these gardeners types were quite livid that this fellow was going by the name of “Rose” when his swing was any but a rose. His swing certainly had some thorns but clearly no flower. Pressure was mounting from these botanical folks to either change the swing or change his name to Briar or Weed. Good for him changing his swing.

  3. targettom

    Lol Chief

    The golf channel folks picked up on this swing change many weeks ago at the start of the season. They profiled his heel lift, but also his good works for charity as well. Seems he still has room for a bigger pivot!?

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