Anatomy Of A Harpoon – The Planted Heel

tiger como1Originally posted February 15, 2015

You’ll find a lot of people saying, “I’m very flexible, so I don’t have to float my heel to get a full back swing pivot.”

And you’ll see a lot of those people in traction one day, most likely.

Because just getting a full shoulder turn with a planted heel is not the point of a golf swing – the point of the golf swing is to swing the golf club to strike the ball sitting there in front of you.

So anyone who says you or anyone else must swing with a planted heel, the first thing you should ask them is, “Why, exactly?”

If you hear “for more stability,” ask them how stable this looks…

speith swing


If it’s for more consistency and accuracy, ask them then, How is it that the greatest players of all time (excepting Tiger Woods, and let’s call him the exception that proves the rule) swung with a floating heel mechanical action?

How is that, when it took the greatest Modern Golf Swinger Tiger Woods to break Classic Golf Swinging Byron Nelson’s record for average score per round, and that it took 50 years?

DJ’s Note March 20, 2016 – Not to mention, what is the reason Tiger Woods is done playing at 40, if this is the way to swing?



Why is the leading driver in accuracy nearly 80% in 1980 with persimmon and balata, with the classic golf swing (and 20 guys above 70% back then), and today’s leading drivers have trouble even breaking 70% (only 11 in 2015) with all of that club and ball technology?

As well, notice young Jordan Spieth’s harpoon move into the ball.

So…What’s a harpoon, and how do you stop it?

It’s very simple – when you restrict the hips by keeping the heel planted get to the top of the back swing, you have no natural accrued leverage.

So, to generate the down swing leverage and speed required, you dive into the ball like a whaler harpooning a big one, two-handed style…

So, the solution is simple – stop swinging in the discredited Modern Golf Swing style and try a little Classic Golf Swing action.

You know, the proper way to swing…




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    1. D Watts Post author

      Not likely, Jess. He gave Foley the heave-ho after the first back surgery, but his swing model hasn’t changed much from Foley to Como, and the subsequent back injuries have been while working with Como.

      So, not much light at the end of this tunnel, unfortunately for Tiger…

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