There’s No “Perfect Swing” – The “Pivot” However…

bt & djI have four different pivots to show you, and they are all from the MCS golf swing model.

You’re going to see the pivots of yours truly, the swing model developer, and two very good low-handicap players, DKondo & MWehrman, and of the resident pro, Jerry Crowell, PGA.

We would use the swings for slightly varying purposes – Jerry of course is a tournament player and wants to maximize his scoring potential, and can’t afford any big misses or weird shots that come out of nowhere.

So, he asked me to develop a swing model for him, that eventually became the standard MCS swing model you know now:

Jerry “BT” Crowell, PGA

bt dtl


The two low cappers, just love to play golf at a high level, and DKondo loves to take peoples’ money, so he’s highly motivated to get the most out of his swing.

He has some physical issues that have accrued over time, but he still strives to come as close to the theoretical model as possible, and he may well be known as “straight shooter” in the cowboy circles, ’cause the man hits it as straight as anyone he plays against.

DKondo Swings

dkondo swing


MWehrman is one of the newest additions to the Wax Member group and has now moved, along with DKondo and BT to being a part of Team Wax.  We’ve worked together the least of the three I present today, so I’m looking forward to some more time with him in a couple of week.

MWehrman Swings

mwehrman swing


And of course, there’s DJ Watts, the model developer. I don’t play golf much, I pretty much stick to swing research and models, but I can drive a ball well over 350 yards, I’ve recorded top ball speeds of 195 mph and club impact 130 mph (higher on some machines, but I like to use the number I know I have achieved based on ball speed of 195 mph and a smash of 1.499).

DJ Just Misses Right, Driving the 350 Yard 6th Hole – 2009



Contrast that not to other players (I can match Dustin Johnson, for example, in ball speed, club speed and distance, but I’m not competing against Dustin Johnson in my research), but to other swing researchers and/or coaches.

You find me a swing researcher or guru who can match my numbers, and do so without working out daily (other than lifting those pints and wings!), and I might take what they have to say seriously.

But I see this, when I look for swing coaches or gurus who think they have found the answer:

Modern Golf Swing “Guru”

foley swing


Just saying… you want a swing with power, you going to listen to the guy above, who was Tiger Woods’ coach at the time Tiger broke his back?

Or perhaps would you listen to a guy who swings like this, but isn’t a player or long driver:

DJ Swings

dj watts swings dtl


And who does so with a serious spinal deformity (scoliosis), at 46 years old, yet developed a swing model that produced the other swings you see above?

But what I want you all to look at, to observe, is that our pivots are the same.

It’s the MCS “Perfect Pivot” action that I got from studying Ben Hogan’s pivot action.

I never wanted Hogan’s actual swing – it has too many compensating moves, and I swing naturally and freely – but his pivot was sublime, and I wanted it for my MCS swing model, so I took it!

And, in a couple of weeks, I’ll be back in Arizona to see DKondo & MWehrman, as well as some other Wax Members, for our second Wax Golf Southwest Summit.

Details to follow shortly!


Wanna learn the MCS methodology and swing like the greats did in the classic era?

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