Wax Golf’s Review on Classics of Golf

wax golf featureWell, it seems that the publishers of Brandel Chamblee’s upcoming release “The Anatomy of Greatness” liked what I had to say about the book.

They are Classics of Golf, a subsidiary of Simon & Schuster.

My review has been noted and is featured on the publishing site.  As previously disclosed, someone in the publishing department emailed me after I posted a couple of articles on Brandel’s thoughts on the classic swing, and asked me if I’d like to review an advance copy.

I readily agreed, and have received nothing in return, but I certainly wasn’t going to lie.  The book is more than what I expected or could have hoped for.

So, I’ve said as much.

wax golf feature


Thanks for the mention, CoG!

Of course, anyone who knows anything about Wax Golf and MCS will have predicted exactly what I’d say about it, as Chamblee’s work parallels my swing research.

As I said, it’s the book I would have written about the basic golf swing principles, had I the resources.

Oh well, Brandel did it for me!

It has been a hard and very isolated slog, trying to reverse the tide of the Modern Golf Swing.  I am certainly not the first person to decry the modern swing principles, and Chamblee’s book gives me hope that once his findings take hold and are accepted in the mainstream, perhaps ol’ DJ will find it easier to convert people from the modern back to the Classic Golf Swing basics.

His book so closely mirrors the findings I’ve pursued over the years, that we’re either both right on the money, or massively wrong.

The odds of the latter being true are nonexistent.

Proper biomechanical testing will bear that out.

But I’m no biomechanist, so if any of you reading this happen to be one and wish to join the team – there’s a spot open for that specialty!


2 thoughts on “Wax Golf’s Review on Classics of Golf

  1. Laser


    –Someone who knows machine mechanics would be easy to find. But the body does not work like a mechanical machine (although it does obey the laws of physics).

    Golfers hate anatomy, and they probably hate physics even more…so why go there? This kind of analysis will verify what you say, but you’re already successful teaching without it.

    I probably couldn’t find one person in 100,000 who could tell me the anatomy or physics behind walking down stairs…or even walking. But a lot of people do these things.

    Maybe a Swing-Stick is the way to go.

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