Paige Spiranac – Step 1, Wreck Your Back. Step 2…

back stretchI’m not going to attack Paige Spirinac, as I’m sure she gets enough flak for doing what she does. We all have to make a living.

However, I must point out an ironic sequence of postings on her section, not that she’s the one coming up with this so-called golf swing training advice (does anyone really believe she’s the one coming up with this stuff?).

At least she & got the correct sequence – first, she shows people some back exercises (Episode 1) that will “help avoid back pain,” which seems noble enough, until you see what has her proposing the a couple of months later – how to absolutely wreck that lower back (Episode 4).

First Question: Isn’t it ironic that so much of Modern Golf Swing training has to do with strengthening the back and how to avoid back injuries?  Why do you think that is?

Second Question: Does anyone think that doing some stretching leg and back exercises such as below in her “How To Avoid Back Pain” video…

back stretch


… are going to help you avoid, or alleviate the searing back pain you will experience after a while swinging in the manner shown below in her “Home Hacks” piece?

chair swing drill


In that piece, she advises one that:

So the goal is to turn your shoulders as far as you can without moving your hips.

And then start the down swing while your hips move first, and then your shoulders.

That is horrific advice, as we all know. This is basically a manual for how to wreck your lower back, Tiger Woods-style, with a Modern Golf Swing move.

You know who swings like that, or tried to for a while?


michelle wie pivot


And we all know how that worked out, don’t we, Michelle Wie?

Great job,!


Wanna learn the MCS methodology and swing like the greats did in the classic era?

You can start with the “Secrets of the MCS”video shorts series or jump right in to the whole thing with the “Kinesiology of the MCS Golf Swing” video.

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