Et Tu, Peter Kostis? What On Earth Is THIS?

kostis articleI received something in the mail today from a Wax Golf reader (thanks KS, and sorry that you had to rip that page out!) who apparently gets the magazine in paper form, and I have been unable to find given the link to this article from Peter Kostis.

However, I will state that I have tried to contact Peter Kostis several times through social media and actually even through an associate of his, whom you see on TV (his identity is not relevant to this posting).

But it’s interesting that after having received nothing more than dismissive responses in Tweet-form (basically saying, go away and you don’t know what you’re talking about), suddenly Peter Kostis is saying what I’ve been saying for years – that you need a classic, floating heel pivot for a natural and powerful swing.

Every effort I’ve made to discuss the swing with Mr. Kostis was rebuffed.  Hey, it’s a free world, he doesn’t have to talk to me or anyone else

However, I’m wondering what this is all about…

To whit, in the upcoming publication, you will read the following in a piece called “More Is Less” from Mr. Kostis:

Did Nicklaus hit it far? Does Bubba Watson?  The average golfer needs to free up his turn, release his left heel… you can expect to see a lot more injuries from guys who don’t have a natural swing flow in swing length and body rotation.

Wow… so now Peter Kostis is worried about Modern Golf Swing producing injuries, is he?

If you want to know why that sentence so aggravates me, remember this analysis in which I nearly suffered a coronary after listening to it?

And what Peter Kostis had to say about Jordan Spieth’s swing at the time this video was posted?

Peter Kostis Looks At Spieth’s Swing


Well, just read the last sentence of my posting, and then read Peter’s paragraph above again, especially that last sentence.

And then read, if you didn’t go to the previous post link, what PK was saying about the Modern Golf Swing last year with regard to Jordan Spieth:

Focus on his two legs…forget his swing, forget his turn. Watch how quiet the lower body stays in the back swing (DJ’s translation – restricted hip turn and upper body torquing against those hips)

… and then watch him straighten the left knee and clear the left hip. (DJ: Modern Swing leg-snap) This is absolutely beautiful leg work.

By driving up off the feet, he’s able to create tremendous hip rotation and that’s where he gets his power from… his leg action is a tremendous foundation for a golf swing

The blue bolded parts are my own words, of course.

I said a couple of years ago (let me find the posting so I can reference it if challenged) that anyone teaching/pushing the Modern Golf Swing was verging on malpractice.

And now, one of the major proponents of that swing is talking about it as if he never praised or encouraged its practice.

Like it never happened.

And the fact that he’s doing this after repeatedly refusing to respond to my requests to discuss the swing (and to tell him I’d repeat and promote anything positive he said about the proper way to swing):

kostis tweet.jpg

The worst thing is that Kostis will likely turn around and in the future be praising the same things he claims to object to, in his televised swing analyses.

I have to say…

Quite disappointing…



18 thoughts on “Et Tu, Peter Kostis? What On Earth Is THIS?

  1. Brandon

    Yea its one of those situations where its, say what we want to hear about our favorite players or else. I say that because I remember the round table interview in Golf Mag(I think last year) where Kostis, Miller and someone else was discussing the swing and Miller said something about the lead heel and hip turn and Kostis agreed with Miller and the third person didn’t agree with Kostis and Miller.

    Sucks when you have to spew stuff that you know is nonsense to keep your job even when you know what you are saying is wrong

    1. Brandon

      I said it wrong, it was Kostis who said it first against what Johnny was saying. The other guy was Dave Phillips. This was back in 2014 I believe(didn’t realize it was that long ago):

      Who has the best swing on Tour–the move our readers should try to emulate? Keep in mind that if the average guy tried to copy Tiger or Bubba, his arm might fall off.

      DP: Well, that’s the problem — most instruction is, “Here’s a picture of Tiger, and here’s you. Do what Tiger does.” People can’t physically swing like Tiger, Rory, Rickie. We have 14,000 TPI-certified instructors around the world, and they’re looking at 280,000 golfers, and when you look at these guys, they can’t move their hips, they can’t move properly. You’ve got to find a player on Tour who moves like you.

      JM: The prototype has to be Adam Scott.

      DP: He is, Johnny, but Adam is one of the most physically gifted people I’ve ever seen. He’s got the flexibility of a yoga instructor, and the strength to go along with it.

      JM: All I’m saying is you copy it, tone it down 40 percent, and you’ve still got a great swing to model yourself after. It’s dead on plane.

      PK: I look at swings that have lasted, and two set themselves apart: Sam Snead and Tom Watson. They both got off their left heel, and they released their left knee, which allowed them hip freedom, which allowed them shoulder movement. Average golfers need to get away from keeping the left heel down, coiling and resisting with their lower body and trying to create torque and all that other stuff. They need to learn to turn back and turn through and make the swing more symmetrical and more rhythmical.

      DP: I agree.

      JM: I do, too. First lesson I ever had was, I had these white Levi’s on, 501s, and John Geertsen, a world long-drive champion, said, “I want you to turn the left rivet to the ball going back and turn that right rivet to the ball going through, and make a nice full turn.”

      1. D Watts Post author

        Reading what you’ve posted above, Brandon – it makes what he’s said in praise of the modern swing, less and less palatable.

        They both got off their left heel, and they released their left knee, which allowed them hip freedom, which allowed them shoulder movement.

        Read that paragraph again, and then watch the Jordan Spieth analysis video again, and remember that the Spieth piece came after the above conversation about lifting heels and free pivots.

        Not good.

  2. Laser

    What Kostis says on the air is not planned, but when the microphone is his, he has to come up with some reason why World #1 is World #1. Everyone wants to know why.

    Why Kostis won’t communicate with you…let’s be creative. Maybe he’s a regular reader of your blog, and he doesn’t want a lawsuit if he copies your material.

    By the way congratulations on the first real advance in golf instruction since Vardon said to swing for a month without a ball. You have a system that produces power, and helps people prevent injury…AND you can communicate it to all levels of golfers.

    You’re better than Haney (Barkley switched to left-handed after working with him)…you’re better than MacLean (X-factor???)…you’re better than Butch (praised TW’s knee snap)…you’re better than Foley (TW in rehab)…you’re better than Leadbetter (couldn’t help Faldo get power)…

    You da man.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, Laser – I’m just following the trail of bread crumbs to see where it leads. I don’t claim to know everything, and I can certainly admit when I’ve been wrong about something.

      If you’re never wrong, you’ll probably also likely hardly ever correct…

  3. bigtoilet

    If you don’t have respect for Davis Watts, then you don’t respect much at all. Be careful golf analyst world…..DJ Watts is watching you!!!!

  4. Jason

    Re: previous comments, surely there must have been other things PK could have talked about when analyzing Jordan’s swing. Didn’t do himself any favors there….

    1. D Watts Post author

      My entire point has always been, if you’re going to analyze, there is no “fair to both sides,” There is simply sound and unsound technique.

      And to have praised such unsound moves in Spieth’s swing negates anything correct he may say about anything else. IMO

  5. targettom


    this morning on Morning Drive (Golf channel) Gary Woodland was describing the meds he takes, and one is Valium – “A week ago I was hitting balls on the range and a rib popped out….” he takes it as a muscle relaxant ?! Could it be his swing mechanics?


  6. Mike Divot

    It’s hard to take seriously ANYTHING Kostis says.
    Who knows what he really believes or if he believes in anything at all.
    The second there’s some backlash against Chamblee’s book, Kostis will sniff the wind and then jump in supporting the nonsense argument du jour in support of the modern swing.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, I can’t speak for either PK or Chamblee, Mike D.

      What I do know is that I also anticipate Brandel will encounter blow-back from the modern swing contingent, and I intend to be right here on this blog with facts and an entire internet from which to cull their own words to counter that resistance.

      People forget that Youtube holds many videos of people saying many things. I only have to point them out, as with the video in the posting.

      Let the games begin.

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