I Hurt My Back On A Saturday – My Swing The Next Week

dj imp estrellaJust to illustrate for you all how the proper golf swing is a full-body motion (you can say “one-piece” if you wish, as it includes more than just the take-away), and that you shouldn’t be “putting your back into it…”

Early Saturday morning, just sitting idly watching TV before bed on the 5th of March, I leaned to the side and something in my back went “Snap, Crackle & Pop,” and the pain was so sudden and intense that I actually groaned aloud as I settled back into the sofa with gritted teeth.

I don’t know what I did, but I couldn’t move. After a few minutes, I could get up, but I was in a good deal of pain in the lower lumbar as I went to bed.

The next day, I was in agony. Couldn’t sit up, couldn’t sit down anywhere, and bending over – forget about it.  I spent the day in bed, thinking, “I have to fly to Arizona on Monday morning, how will I sit in that plane for 4.5 hours?”

On Sunday, a little better, but on Monday, it was a very stiff and sore flight to Phoenix.

I decided to take a couple of very easy and gingerly swings in DKondo’s backyard that afternoon as we discussed the swing and prepared for the next day’s Summit.

And guess what?

I couldn’t bend over, it was still difficult to do anything that required turning or bending – but I could swing as hard as I pleased, with no pain or discomfort whatsoever.

And on Tuesday, I decided to hit a few drivers during the Summit lunch break, and I was pelting the ball.

We were on the back tee blocks at the Golf Club of Estrella, and a couple of my drives at the clubhouse bounced up onto the main tee deck, prompting the observation that I might ease off a bit before I actually hit someone on the main range, well over 300 yards in the distance.

dj imp estrella


And on Wednesday, I could touch my toes (albeit with a loud groan, and that included whenever I went down to tee up a ball and had to push myself back up with the driver as a cane), I took a couple of swings on camera – and  this is DJ 4 days after tweaking my back:

DJ Drives It Long With An Aching Back


Now, let’s take a look at the situation and why I always warn people before I make a swing – I’m just the researcher and others can perform my model much better than I can, because of my back deformity:

I have scoliosis,

I hurt my lower back a few days before this video clips was shot,

I hadn’t swung a club outdoors in two months, since my trip to So-Cal,

I hadn’t even swung a club in Canada in about two weeks, in the Dome,

I was using someone else’s driver, as my clubs were at home,

I hadn’t even yet swung using my recent personal stance adjustment to compensate for my spinal twist that leaves my shoulders pointing left (way open) when I’m at impact with a regular stance.

And yet, swinging in the classic golf swing style along which the MCS model is designed, even with back pain, I could still swing a golf club exactly the way I did when my back wasn’t shooting red-hot darts into my lower lumber region, and today, a week and a half later, I’m nearly 100% again.

The moral of the story?

I didn’t have back surgery, so I won’t make the ridiculous assertion that Tiger Woods should have been OK a week after his surgery.


If Tiger Woods is still not ready to return to golf, because his back is still tender months after the operation – he’s still doing it wrong.

And if he ever comes back (not likely, at least at a high level), he won’t be around long, before he does something to his back again.

If he were swinging properly, he wouldn’t have broken his back to begin with, and he certainly shouldn’t have to be careful with his back, when swinging.

Now I don’t recommend that others with back pain or injuries do what I did last week, as I know how to swing properly and I knew after the first couple of swings that I wasn’t going to injure myself further or even feel any pain.

Now, isn’t that the kind of swing you would want, especially if you’re already feeling pain or tenderness in the back, shoulder, hip or knee region when you swing a golf club?

I know it sure is for me – I am my own testimonial to the MCS swing model.

And that’s OK for me!




5 thoughts on “I Hurt My Back On A Saturday – My Swing The Next Week

    1. D Watts Post author

      I’m especially excited about this one, DB – going to feature a couple of great Wax MCS swingers in addition to myself and BT in this next video.

      MWehrman & DKondo are low single handicaps, and so there will be a wide range, from the model developer, the pro, and good amateurs.

      The whole she-bang! 😀

  1. jh32

    I’ll attest to this. Hurt my back picking the ball out of the hole on the third hole and continued to play. It was at the end of season last year. Was hard to putt, but I could make decent full swings using MCS.

    1. D Watts Post author

      …Was hard to putt, but I could make decent full swings using MCS.

      And there it is in the nutshell, Jim!

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