Humbray & Son @ Thornhill Golf & CC

sheldonfthgcI mentioned yesterday that I saw Wax Member Humbray again, having met him last summer on his first journey from Ohio.

It was a great time, as I had also wanted to meet Sheldon Friske, a pro at Thornhill Golf & C.C. in Vaughan, having corresponded with him over the winter.  He and Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell are friends and what he was hearing about the MCS swing methodology interested him.

So I had Humbray and his son Nick meet me up at Thornhill G & CC’s Winter Academy for Sheldon to obverse an actual MCS swing session.

Humbray & Nick

humbray & son


Let me tell you, it was a great time.  As I mentioned in the previous posting, I spent a large part of the time discussing Brandel Chamblee’s upcoming book, and telling him that virtually all of the principles we were discussing that day about the swing, are also in Chamblee’s book.

At any rate, I went over the setup for the MCS swing, and why everything in the setup is there for a particular reason and purpose, and the results were amazing.

Sheldon Friske, CPGA



When you get the principles behind why I call Ben Hogan’s pivot the “Perfect Pivot,” you’ll agree as well, because Mr. Friske was absolutely amazed at how easy it is to perform the pivot when you pivot the way Hogan did.

In fact, this is how easy:

Humbray’s MCS “Perfect Pivot”

humbray pivot


That’s a past-90-degrees shoulder turn using only the hips and legs, the way it should be done…

As well, Humbray’s son Nick was there, and when we did some work on his pivot and the mechanically-correct release action, he took some cuts with a few test clubs that Sheldon gave him, and he was slamming the 7 iron over 200 yards.

With the driver, I remember something around 295 yards of carry, and I asked him if that would work. Did he like that?

“Oh yeah,” he said with a broad grin. “I like that.”

Look at this down swing, effortless leveraging and the great release through the ball…

nick b dtl.gif


Even Sheldon got into the action – far from being content to merely observe an MCS session, he began to work on the mechanical action I was describing to him, and this dtl gif. is virtually the second swing I saw him take using the Perfect Pivot action:

Smooth & Silky Power

s friske iron dtl


Sheldon sent me the following info after I’d returned home, regarding how effortless the power and speed production are with the proper stance mechanics:

I was hitting a driver afterwards and was getting at least 5mph more right away. I was consistently swinging at 112 where before I was at 107.

And looking at his swing sequence below with an iron – superb. And that’s what you get when you take an already skilled swinger and MCSize his action:

sheldon friske iron dtl


We did everything – I explained path and face to them, and Sheldon promptly setup the swing monitor and they could see how to change path and face with the MCS methodology.

Once again, ball flight analysis bears out the MCS principles on establishing position and shaping shots.

I want to thank Sheldon for pulling out the red carpet for my  guys.  He’s invited me back for more discussion on the swing and play some golf with him, and I’ll surely be doing that when we have a chance to set it up.

Sheldon is a class act and consummate pro, and of course, Thornhill Golf & C.C. is a beautiful course to visit, even in the off-season.

Until the next time, Sheldon – have a great time in Jamaica!



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      Had a great time with Sheldon, BT. Anyone who has passion for the swing and mechanics – we’re going to get along fine 🙂

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