Chamblee’s “Anatomy” Surpasses “Five Lessons”

chamblee book1Good Sunday morning, friends.

There’s something about which I wrote recently that I must revisit.

I will tell you all why I was so enthused about Brandel Chamblee’s soon-to-be-released book on the golf swing, “Anatomy of Greatness.”

First, the technical aspects of its contents are unsurpassed by any other published book on the swing, in that it is the book I would have written, had I the resources to do so.

Having written 2 or 3 humble eBooks to accompany my MCS Swing Theory videos, I was, as I said in my first comments about it, literally assaulted visually by the amount of cross-referencing Chamblee did.

Page after page of comparing the stances and positions of the past masters of the Classic era and present greats (not too many present ones, as we know).

chamblee book1


Second, in addition to being an instructional manual on how people can return their swing to the classic basics from the frozen wastelands of the modern golf swing – it is a history lesson.

“Anatomy” takes you back to the earliest days of professional golf and the Bobby Jones era.  I am telling you, friend – Chamblee’s book is exhaustively researched, and I will repeat – he reaches literally the same conclusions that I reached, looking at and studying the same classic era swingers.

chamblee book2


This is significant – it proves that, if you toss aside the modern junk swing science, which is not science at all, you will get it.

Chamblee uses baseball swings in one portion as I have, to illustrate the motion is motion, regardless of the sport, and yes – that should sound familiar if you’re a Wax Golf reader.



I’m trying to tell you all, if you open your eyes and minds and stop listening to and reading the modern swing bunk – you will naturally begin to figure out what it is you should be doing in the golf swing.

The difference between Chamblee’s book and my own work (were I to write a book like this) is that Chamblee covers a wide range of great swingers and showcases a little broader model of a classic golf swing than do I.

That is natural – I have focused my gaze on the most effective, the optimal stance and mechanical action of the theoretically “perfect” athletic golf swing model.

And that is excellent for the average golfer, whether you are trying to learn the MCS swing model or something similar.

The average golfer will never become a low digit handi, or play professional golf, or teach the playing of golf for a living.

So, while my own swing models have been preoccupied on defining the ultimate swing models, performance-wise, Chamblee’s book simply lays out the subtly different ways the past greats swung, and then shows you what he’s found similar in them all.

Yes, exactly what I do – so I believe that anyone can play solid golf and enjoy the game, learning their golf swing from “Anatomy of Greatness.”

And the fact that I think you can learn a proper, classic golf swing from this book – means that, in my mind, it surpasses “Five Lessons.”

With all due respect to the immortal Ben Hogan – if one had to learn a golf swing from “Five Lessons,” I wouldn’t want to be that person.

I’d ask for Chamblee’s book instead.

chamblee book3


And when you simply leaf through it, before you even read it, you will see what I mean.

It’s all there.

I have made a lot of predictions. Most famously, I suppose, I have called attention to several PGA Tour players’ swings and warned about injury – only to see said swinger suffer an injury fairly soon afterwards.

And I’m predicting that “Anatomy of Greatness” will become a seminal literary work in the history of the golf swing.

I think it will be the mark on the timeline where the public push-back against the modern swing madness became mainstream, dragged there kicked and screaming – by one Brandel Chamblee.

So, whether you need to learn a more mechanically-correct swing and want a more known entity to tell you how to do it, or whether you just want a piece of what I think will be significant, historically, that’s why I’m telling you to go get this book.

Imagine having a first printing of “Five Lessons…”

Well, I think this book surpasses that, as I’ve said, so don’t say I didn’t tell you, later!

Link to Order

chamblee book cover


In fact, I’ll prove it to you – when I was at Thornhill G.C. yesterday and was speaking with Sheldon, the pro at their indoor Winter Academy – I told him emphatically to get the book when it comes out, and he would see that everything we’re discussing in the golf swing, almost literally, is in the book.

Chamblee stands alone among high profile golf analysts in declaring, as I have, that the modern swing is garbage.

As I’ve said, no one person owns the golf swing.  Everything is out there, waiting to be watched and read.

The work Chamblee did on his book brought him to the same conclusions I reached, when determining what is mechanically-sound and what might not be.

If you had the time and inclination to do your own research, and if you conducted it properly (modern swing has a lot of “research” behind it, proving that your conclusions are only as solid as your methods), you’d come to the same conclusions yourself.

But my work has taken 11 years and who knows how long it took Chamblee to research and write “Anatomy.”

So you don’t have to do it yourself.

And that is a good thing.



4 thoughts on “Chamblee’s “Anatomy” Surpasses “Five Lessons”

    1. D Watts Post author

      Yes, the Amazon link is in the posting for anyone so inclined…will be fun going over the book together next time we hook up.

      Pretty won’t be very long til then… 😉

  1. jingusus

    Great points DJ. I haven’t read the book (yet), but I do recall Ben Hogan writing in 5 Lessons that he wished he knew what he knew earlier so he could have further refined his ideas. He also wrote that there would surely be generations following him who would be able to continue evolve/refine golf swing ideas well beyond what he could do, so don’t think Ben Hogan would disagree or be insulted by your assessment.

    I also think with the advent of youtube and other ways to access video of golf swings, we probably have a significantly higher amount of resources at our disposal. I remember reading some story of Ben Hogan having to dig through old news reels to find Bobby Jones’ swings to study them more closely. Fortunately, we don’t have to dig as hard these days.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Hogan did well to study Jones. It was likely this that led to his refining of the pivot action.

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