Home Again – Phoenix AZ Rocks!

dj at clinicI am please to have landed back in Toronto without a glitch last evening.

In stark contrast to returning from California in January, where it took nearly an hour to get out of the airport through customs and then encountering a flat tire in the parking garage in sub-freezing temps – I sailed through customs in 15 minutes and was home a little more than an hour after landing!

Good times.

The Golf Club of Estrella was awesome. I cannot thank Trevor Finton, PGA enough for providing this great venue for us to make this happen to begin with.

The Golf Club of Estrella



The Inaugural Wax Golf Southwest Swing Summit

dj at clinic

Golf Club of Estrella, Goodyear, AZ


I want to recognize the people who made this inaugural Wax Golf Southwest Chapter Summit possible:


mwehrman & dj


3 amigos

DKondo & Jerry Crowell, PGA


There is a lot about which to talk, and I will of course do that over the coming weekend.

Right now, however, I have Brandel Chamblee’s book The Anatomy of Greatness to review, and thanks to his publisher Classics of Golf, specifically Brian Lewis who generously forwarded me my copy for me to do so.

chamblee book cover


I have to tell you – even on the initial swing through it last evening before bed – this is a book that will be remembered.

Mark my words.

See you all a little later!




8 thoughts on “Home Again – Phoenix AZ Rocks!

  1. Laser

    “Brandel nails it.” Can’t wait! If the best swings in history got there without video, and the introduction of video led to flawed teaching, then I guess video doesn’t have all the answers.

    I like the photo of you at your clinic…just like Moe Norman. Now I’ll bet that’s something that you never anticipated when you began blogging about the swing.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Thanks Laser – you actually echoed my sentiments when I first saw the picture. I had no idea DKondo took it, and my immediate thoughts were, “A long way from where I was when I began!” 😉

  2. bigtoilet

    For everyone who was not there. DJ KILLED it! I was so impressed with his speaking and attention to detail with all the attendees. I stood back and smiled…..just like you see me in the background (electric green shirt).

    1. D Watts Post author

      You mean this green shirt, Big Guy? 😉

      LOL, sorry – couldn’t help it. I love this pic.

  3. David

    Phoenix was happy to have DJ and Big Toilet for a visit. The next month will be interesting to see how the changes develop students into better golfers. When we first discussed a clinic setting DJ was not the most positive teacher I had encountered 🙂

    Having 11 students his first try at this clinic setting really put him under the microscope. We learned a lot from day one and then we did it again with 12 the second day. You would have thought this was his 100th clinic.

    During the clinic he came up with a couple new concepts which found their way into the new video. I told a prospective pro DJ is the best teacher in the world. He looked into my eyes and said, “you believe that don’t you?”

    He came to day 2 but could only stay 2 hours. The things he heard shook his understanding of the way golf is taught and played. He has a new understanding of the golf swing and I am sure his golf game is going to move forward with the help of MCS.

    I highly recommend everyone get the new video coming out in April, but even better than that is having DJ with you in person. If you can get some friends together and make it worth DJ’s time you would not be disappointed. I will do my best to grow MCS in Arizona and I hope some of you will do the same in your areas.

    I have been getting thank you’s from guys who attended the clinic. We took their money and they are happy. What a great concept, deliver the goods and you have happy customers. Spread the word guys, we are on the leading edge of the rebirth of golf as it should have been played the last 35 years.

    1. D Watts Post author

      ” We took their money and they are happy.”

      LOL – Don’t ever change, DK. I’m delighted everyone enjoyed the Summit.

      When we first discussed a clinic setting DJ was not the most positive teacher I had encountered

      Well, you are correct that I had reservations about presenting MCS cold to people with whom I’ve never worked or discussed the golf swing.

      However, you were right – it went off very well, and if the first time is the hardest, well then…

      Onward! 🙂

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