Why You Can’t Learn A Proper Golf Swing Pt 362

roccoJerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, PGA sent me this following video clip, and I didn’t know why he was weeping until I watched it.

Part of the problem with the golf industry in general is that there is no standard for the swing, and you will get differing and completely schizophrenic instruction in how to swing a club – from the professionals in this industry!

It’s insane to try to watch a golf tournament on TV or even watch the cable golf channel, or to wade through Youtube videos on how to swing a golf club – if you ask 10 sources, you’ll get 15 different ways to swing.

Now, there ARE a million ways to swing a club – that’s not in question. The problem is that there AREN’T a million ways to swing a club properly and athletically optimally – just as there aren’t even 3 different ways to perform a deadlift, or to run efficiently and powerfully – there is always a standard of technique when it comes to performing motions or sequences of motion.

In fact, you’ll often get a complete flip of logic – proponents of the modern swing will state emphatically that “this way” is the right way – but when shown that they are not correct, they will instantly pivot to “there’s no one way to do it” (yes there is, if you’re talking about proper and sound technique) or something equally silly.

If you’re correct about something, your argument in defense of that concept should not change depending on what someone else has to say about it.

The modern swing is flawed, and on its way out – unfortunately, not quickly enough to save the people who are currently ruining themselves following the swing advice of people who have no business giving it.

Rocco Mediate



For example, and I love this guy – Rocco Mediate. I have nothing personally negative to say about him, he was a very enjoyable character in the 90’s on the PGA Tour, and I wish him all the best.

However, he should not be giving swing advice – from his wiki page:

He picked up another victory at the 1993 KMart Greater Greensboro Open, but he then had a long layoff due to a ruptured disk. He underwent major back surgery in 1999, but lost practically five years of his career. Back pain returned in 2004 and later nearly ended his career.

Rocco Mediate stands 6’1″, which is my height – so he, not being a skinny fella at any time in his life, would have been around my size, and in 1992 (at 30 years old), the year before his back injury…

… at 6’1″, he had the following driving stats:



I don’t know about you all, but a guy who comes in 80th in driving distance… isn’t the guy to give advice … on how to drive for more distance

Rocco “Staying ‘Behind The Ball’ Is Crap” Mediate


One of the funniest lines from Rocco at 0:45:

“Which is where all the power comes from – unfortunately I don’t have a lot of power but…”

You got that, folks? A guy with a ruptured disk from playing golf, who doesn’t have a lot of power with his swing, is telling everyone how to get a lot of power out of their swing.

I wonder if it has anything to do with this advice on swinging with power, at 0:34 of the clip:

“Of course we’re all taught to ‘stay behind the ball…’ crap…”

Wow… Rocco had better get on the horn and tell… every power swinger who ever hit a long ball, that they were doing it wrong.

Talking about bad backs…

I have scoliosis, and I can hit a ball 350 yards and beyond, without any back pain at all, and I say you have to say behind the ball…that’s crap, according to Rocco, who might need two more swings to reach one of my drives… in fact, the more ‘behind’ the ball you can get, the better.

dj imp new mcs


And these guys… Tiger Woods in the BF Era, back when he knew something about swinging (Before Foley and the left-leaning address), and Jamie Sadlowski, greatest pound for pound long driver ever…

I’d say they’re pretty much ‘behind the ball’ at impact, what do you think?



And you wonder why I have a what people call a mood disorder…and I bet Rocco doesn’t know how he ruptured that disc in his back, either.

Like I said, a great guy, Rocco Mediate.

But not a guy from whom to take any lessons on how to hit with power.


Wanna learn the MCS methodology and swing like the greats did in the classic era?

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    1. D Watts Post author

      I do. Unfortunately, they mirror what Rocco had to say about ‘staying behind the ball.’ 😉

  1. David

    I actually took lessons from Jimmy Ballard many years ago …. and you wonder why it has taken me so long to get rid of all that head movement 🙂 I still remember taking a swing and he had me move off the ball and then he told me MORE movement to the right. My swing path was a bit off 🙂

    Won’t be long now until Wax-Nation hits sunny Arizona, 5 days and counting!!!

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