Steve Elkington Shows The Hogan Pivot – Excellent

elk pivotI had posted earlier that although I’d always heard Steve Elkington had a great golf swing, I hadn’t yet conducted my swing research the last time I saw him swing.

So I wouldn’t have known the difference between a classic versus modern golf swing.

Then, when I finally got around to looking at Elk’s swing – oh yeah, not only a great swing, it’s of course a classic era golf swing.

And if you think Ben Hogan had the only good pivot, you’d be wrong – I’ve said that Hogan’s pivot was perfect in the mechanical sense of what you want from a pivot, but if you used a classic era pivot, you would have also had a great, great pivot action.


As with all swing clips, I didn’t listen to anything they were saying, because I’m focused on the swing action, and so just watch the pivot action on Elk’s swings:

Steve Elkington Hits Balls


Elk’s pivot is a classic golf swing pivot, and you can see the similarity between his and Hogan’s and all the other classic swingers, but this angle on a clip that Joe S. sent to me, shows that great right leg action on a classic pivot.

elk pivot


Good, good stuff here, thanks to Joe for sending the clip.