Brooks Koepka’s 4 Ways To Break Your Back

brooks koepka topIt’s time to return to the Wax Golf parlor game Who Shouldn’t Be Giving Swing Advice?”

On board today, we have Brooks Koepka and his 4 great tips on how to rubber-band your torso and get a little more vertebra damage in before the Florida swing really takes off.

With all due fairness to Brooks – I doubt he penned this piece, in fact it has Claude Harmon’s name on it, and considering that Harmon’s father was a great friend of Ben Hogan’s… disappointing!

Secondly, I can point out that Brooks also fell victim to the Wax Golf jinx, in that shortly after I reviewed his swing mechanics and warned about his modern swing and its perils – he promptly suffered an injury and time off from playing.

Remember, I called his swing “not the worst modern swing in the world,” so I’m not bashing him – just the thought of a modern swinger who has already experienced injuries, being a role model to show others how to hit it long.

So let me gently disagree with this article, with a couple of points of my own…

And I’ll get right to it – the modern swing insanity continues. The first point is not harmless, but with Point 2, the horror begins:


Try to get your spine to face the target, as Brooks does here. If you do it without overrotating your lower body, you’ll add yards fast.

Translation: Torque that ol’ lower back like a rubber band, and you’ll perhaps add yards, but you’ll subtract years from your career, and I predict something else coming pretty quickly – injury

brooks koepka top


DJ’s Aside: Or you could simply swing in the manner of the classic era greats like, oh, Jack Nicklaus, who was the most powerful and longest player in his generation:



And I believe that Bubba Watson was mentioned in that piece, who probably weighs less than Brooks, and yet can out-drive him (and just about everyone but Dustin Johnson) by a country mile:



His knee flex is the same as at address. Maintaining your posture like this makes it easy to catch the ball on the sweet spot, where maximum energy transfer occurs. Keep your chest the same distance from the ball from start to impact. You’ll pound it every time.

I have always said that squatting into the stance will restrict the hip turn, and that a restricted hip turn means “Fore left!” for most good swingers.

But keeping that knee flex will certainly help you with Point 2 and that ticket to a lower back injury…


Sure, he’s about to pulverize it, but Brooks’s feet are flat on the ground. Excess shifting and rolling of the feet can limit your power push-off. Hit practice balls flat-footed— you’ll feel a huge difference.

Yes, because the planted-heel swing is so powerful, the most powerful long drivers in the world swing that way…

Wait a minute…

Tim Burke 2015 World Long Drive Champion



Jamie Sadlowski – Greatest Long Driver LB For LB



Jason Zuback – 5 Time Remax World Long Drive Champ


Never mind…


5 thoughts on “Brooks Koepka’s 4 Ways To Break Your Back

  1. Brandon

    The modern swing speaks to just maybe howtalented & how good of salesmen tour pros are. They can take the same garbage & say its gold & make millions off of it every year 🙂

  2. bigtoilet

    I get sick to my stomach whenever I see the “popular” instructors out there promoting this garbage. Literally sick (right now my stomach is churning). I mean seriously, how can a Harmon promote this!! They SHOULD know better…..

    I guess that’s why I wanna puke right now. It’s madness, pure madness. I guess they have caught the “contagion” of the modern swing lies.

    If one is not careful, whoever you are, you too will fall into the web of lies.

  3. Laser

    GREAT work! Harmon (do they now have ghostwriters for ghostwriters?) gives the most counter-productive advice…maybe, ever.

    “Try to get your spine to face the target.” Good one. What did Tom Watson say? “Turn your back to the target.”

    Yeah, I bought one of his books and tried it…once. Ouch! You can’t do it if your lower body is anchored. That’s the trouble with most golf instruction…somebody is going to take it literally.

    Sure, your back gets turned to the target…but, you don’t do it with your back, at least not without a lot of help.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I submit to the court that performing 2 and 3 in conjunction with 4 poses a grave and unnecessary risk to physical health and longevity.

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