Tiger Update – Apparently Hitting Balls (& Still Harpooning)

tiger addressTiger Woods has apparently taken umbrage at the reports of his ailing back – so he has posted a clip of himself hitting a 9 iron.

So, perhaps it was actually six weeks ago that he was immobilized and now he’s back to swinging easy – but you’ll notice that even with an easy 9 iron swing, he’s still got the ol’ harpoon going.

From the Golf.com article by Alex Myers:

Tiger Woods put all those rumors about his bad health to rest with two words on Wednesday: “Progressing Nicely.” Oh, and one short video. Tiger Woods is back! To practicing, at least.

From Tiger’s Twitter Feed (words I never thought I’d ever key into a posting):

tiger address


One good thing – he’s taking the club back more on the natural inside arc than before, which would lessen the torque trying to drop it inside from an outside takeaway.

Other than that…

Yes, I can see clearly that Tiger is back – hands still nearly between the knees, still with the squatting stance… and the harpoon down swing transition – so, expect a fourth trip to the back surgeon once he dials it back to up hitting drivers that way…


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10 thoughts on “Tiger Update – Apparently Hitting Balls (& Still Harpooning)

    1. D Watts Post author

      I had just updated that little observation of ours on the inside takeaway when I saw your comment, BT – and yes, gonna take more than that to save his back.

  1. peterallenby2013

    DJ – Be sure to check out the latest issue of Golf Magazine for Peter Kostis’s column. He is joining the camp of those loving the classic swing: He mentions the swings of earlier generation of the greatest golfers – Nicklaus, Hogan and now avers this is the way to swing. Brandel, Peter Kostis…when does Sean Foley “modify” his motion to accomodate and “innovate”?

  2. buddhabob

    pretty sad to post a 3/4 swing in front of an indoor setup to refute naysayers and manage image. He is a merry crankster. As long as he continues to Crank instead of swing he has a golf crank and will never recover imo.

    His head seems to move down toward the ball in anticipation like a pelican fishing for its dinner.

    He will never compete seriously again and will retire in dejection a victim of very poor and dangerous instruction and lethal misunderstanding.

    Memo to Tiger, you want power to impress the girls? Look at Barry Bonds or Ken Griffey or any of the great studs of the MLB. They not only float the heel but lift the entire foot off the ground for fullest windup and power.

    How can that be?

    1. D Watts Post author

      What was it John Daly (with his floating heel) would say sauntering off the tee block after massive drive?

      Oh yeah…

      “Chicks dig the long ball…”

  3. Laser

    Of course, I would never in a zillion years be classed as a conspiracy theorist…but why is he wearing a hat indoors?

    Yeah, I know, “practice like you play”…but still, I’d like to study that clip for a while. It’s not like he couldn’t afford to have a phony cooked-up, and yes, it can be done. It’s called “green screen” technology, and there are Youtube videos explaining it.

    1. Chief Cowpie

      The hat is on because Tiger wants to give credit to his sponsor whenever he can, even if it can’t be seen who the sponsor is, we know who it is. How much longer that sponsor remains until it drops him and Harpoon Lager IPA picks him up is the real question?

      Tiger is surrounded by some of the intelligent people money can buy and so his insistence on employing the “harpoon” technique must be for commercial reasons to snap the coveted endorsement of Harpoon Lager. It certainly doesn’t make sense from a golfing or health standpoint.

      1. D Watts Post author

        “Tiger’s People” took five years along with the Big Cat to figure out Foley…so…not that smart…

        Sorry. I keep doing it.

    2. D Watts Post author

      CGI and Blue Screen, Laser?

      That would be far likelier, if in fact your conspiracy cap isn’t on too tight 😉 I imagine you’re saying this because you’ve noticed the way, if you watch the walls closely, there seems to be some “float” in the shot, like when I stablize a shaky video.

      Perhaps someone holding that camera and really hung-over? I shake like the dickens when that happens… either way, there some special-effects editing that’s been done to the clip, or I’m a hobbit.

      However, I’m not subscribing to any “faked video” conspiracies, “floating” video notwithstanding.

      Real or not, that swing isn’t going to last anyway so…

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