Conor Goes “Wax Golf” In Style

conor driverFriends, check out the new Driver that Wax Member “Conor O.” got recently.

He sent me the picture yesterday with the caption, “Now everyone will know why I hit 300 yard drives,” and that’s a pretty good-looking club, isn’t it?

Real nice:

conor driver


I’ve just returned from the Dome with some new video, and DJ is about there with the scoliosis-adjusted position for my own “Perfect Pivot” swing action which marries the MCS golf swing theory to Ben Hogan’s unique pivot action:

pivot top

Comin’ up soon!


Wanna learn the MCS methodology and swing like the greats did in the classic era?

You can start with the “Secrets of the MCS”video shorts series or jump right in to the whole thing and pre-order the upcoming “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video.

wax shirts2



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