Peter Kostis Nailed Another MCS Fundamental (Updated)

BubbaUpdated With Video Clip

I was watching the Northern Trust yesterday, and during the CBS coverage, you would have seen Peter Kostis nail one of the MCS swing theory’s fundamental concepts – the stable head position during the swing, while analyzing Bubba Watson’s swing.

This is nothing I have invented, of course – the concept of keeping a stable head has been around as long as golf swing instruction has been around – but as with many other principles, it became “not necessary” when the modern swing proponents found it increasingly difficult to keep a stable head during the swing.

So, if you can’t keep a stable head with the modern swing, then you don’t need a stable head position – and that is the logic of modern golf swing instruction.

Here’s Tiger Woods during one of his worst golf playing stretches ever – and you wonder why he couldn’t hit a solid shot with all of that head movement.

tiger 2015 gif


Here’s the clip in question:

Peter Kostis Discusses the “Stable Head” Concept


And the key is not to try to keep the head stable during the swing – the key is to have a golf swing model that allows you to swing with a stable head position.

Keeping a stable head on the pivot is a fundamental premise of the MCS swing model:

Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell – The “Stable Head”

bt tight pivot


Here’s Kostis doing an analysis on Bubba Watson about a year ago, and listen to what he’s saying about Bubba’s swing versus the modern swing.

Bubba Watson’s Golf Swing


He talks about the swinging lead leg, which I’ve called the “Swinging Gate” in my Wax Golf “Ben Hogan Project” and later videos, and he also mentions the lack of free hip and leg motion in the modern swing.

He doesn’t specifically mention the “floating heel” of the classic era, but of course, that’s what Bubba is doing with his back swing pivot.

So, Peter Kostis can describe a proper golf swing, that is not in doubt – and this type of analysis is exactly what is good for golf.

And a swing like Bubba Watson’s is an old-fashioned throwback to the classic era of golf, where all the swingers swung in this fashion, from Bobby Jones to Jack Nicklaus and all in between.

Jack Nicklaus’ & Johnny Miller’s Classic Golf Swings

nicklaus miller


Let’s leave the modern swing where it will eventually wind up – in the dust bin of unsound athletic motion theories, and surely the worst of them all.


Wanna learn the MCS methodology and swing like the greats did in the classic era?

You can start with the “Secrets of the MCS”video shorts series or jump right in to the whole thing and pre-order the upcoming “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video.

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9 thoughts on “Peter Kostis Nailed Another MCS Fundamental (Updated)

    1. D Watts Post author

      Most welcome, TT – it’s there for people to see if they look… I haven’t watched a Tour event in ages, but look what I see the minute I tune.

      There’s gold dust in all that televised bovine scatology. 😉

  1. buddhabob

    I simply cannot believe that Peter Kostis managed to say that. It indicates that the notion of the golden era swing is finally beginning to receive some narrative in the mainstream golf press, thanks mostly to Brandel Chamblee.

    DJ if you don’t mind my saying this, the single best way to expose a flaw in any idiot narrative is to simply change the language. The modern golf swing imo should here on out be directly and constantly referred to as The Golf Crank. It is not a swing but any use of that term. It is a CRANK. If more people heard this more people would immediately begin to question the modern instruction and the huge bias it encompasses. The Modern Crank is what is causing lower back injuries at very early ages. In yoga instruction you are immediately warned never to crank your spine in any ballistic motion EVER. I demonstrate this on my facebook home page with my title pic.

    Lastly. First the crankster Jordan and then the crankster Rory were supposed to win Riviera right? Rory was squatting 265lbs on twitter for the fans over the weekend. His touch around the greens will be completely gone within a few more years. He is actually compensating for his Golf Crank which began seriously injuring his lower back at the ripe old age of 19. He is compensating and trying to strength the surrounding muscles of his lumbar but this will do NO GOOD.

    rory is in fact slowly shredding the disc between L4 and L5 in his Crank Swing. this action rapidly promotes the loss of and degeneration of that disc and those above and below imo Tiger Woods I would say has little or no disc there anymore after the surgeons sucked it all out as it began to seriously degenerate over the last 3 years. My opinion only. Pro athletes are never,ever the same following extraction surgeries for obvious reasons imo but doctors are still ofcourse held in the highest of esteem as geniuses and wonder workers. this is another ‘given’ that needs to come unto question imo. sorry for malingering everyone

  2. Laser

    Kostis did it again. I forget which day at Northern Trust, but he was demonstrating a baseball type swing where the front foot lifts off the ground.

  3. Mike Divot

    Maybe my mind is going, or more likely I’m just crazy, but did I not see a post on here which was about a twitter battle DJ had with Kostis? After Kostis went on TV and said THE OPPOSITE stuff about someone’s swing, and when DJ called him out on it on twitter, Kostis said something like, yeah, secretly I agree with you, DJ, but on TV I am forced to sit on the fence.

    None of it made any sense but now I can not find that post. So maybe I’m the one who doesn’t make sense.

    Kostis talking sense certainly doesn’t make any sense. Maybe that’s what sent me around the bend.

    1. D Watts Post author

      Apologies for confusing you, MD – you’re absolutely correct on that, however I decided a few weeks ago to try a “kinder, gentler DJ” approach to critiquing “gurus” and TV heads.

      So, yes, you remember correctly the exchange you mention, and it was after that, being no psychologist, I made a turn to see if positive reinforcement (highlighting and commenting positively on the things with which I actually agree) in turning the public sentiment.

      What’s going to work better on someone who has only a passing knowledge of golf? My ranting and raving about things with which I disagree – or pointing out the things said by someone whom even the casual fan will recognize and perhaps take to heart?

      We’ll see how it goes, but look above – Kostis saying things that are positive and correct about the classic swing!

      In an imperfect world – I’ll take it.

      1. Mike Divot

        Thanks DJ.
        It’s hard to know what Kostis really believes, or if he believes in anything at all, but do I sense a very slight turning of the tide? More people questioning this “restriction” business?
        If so then let’s celebrate anything he says that helps shift momentum.

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