Wow – Modern Golf Insanity Strikes Again

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This time courtesy of Conor, who spied this and sent it to me promptly.

I asked him the source of the following graphic, but haven’t heard back from him yet – I’ll update when he does.

I had just finished the last posting on insane things modern golf analysts and proponents advance, and this is just the latest offering.

According to Louis Oosthuizen, you should keep your right shoulder level with the left shoulder, or perhaps higher?

I don’t know, because all I see in the graphic is the instruction “Do NOT Drop The Right Shoulder…”



Meaning, what you’re seeing up there in that picture is a DON’T DO THIS type of warning.


I don’t know, don’t ask me.

Thanks to Louis Oosthuizen however, we’ll all know how to swing more efficiently and certainly more safely:

Louis Oosthuizen to miss two months with assorted injuries

Louis Oosthuizen will take two months away from golf to let a series of injuries heal.

Oosthuizen had to withdraw from the U.S. Open and the British Open because of injuries to his neck, back and hip. He will miss the Bridgestone Invitational this week and the PGA Championship next week at Oak Hill.


Oosthuizen withdraws from TOUR Championship

Oosthuizen is battling a strained hamstring behind his right knee that started giving him problems last Sunday and forced an early exit Thursday after 13 holes…


Louis Oosthuizen says back ‘painful’

His luck ran out Saturday when he felt pain in his back while warming up on the range. When he first tried to hit a draw on the par-5 second hole, it got even worse. And one point, he was on his back on the 13th tee as his trainer tried to stretch him out.


Yes, I’d say that taking swing advice from L.O. is a good idea… a great idea…

But you’d better get on the phone as well and tell Jack Nicklaus how to set up his address position, or he’ll never win anything:





And Ben Hogan



And a young Tiger Woods

tiger address


And Sam Snead

snead addr



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8 thoughts on “Wow – Modern Golf Insanity Strikes Again

    1. D Watts Post author

      Helpful Hint: If you find yourself advocating something in the golf swing that contradicts what Nicklaus et al were doing – you’re either other-worldly genius – or just flat out wrong.

      Care to guess which category I’d put L.O. into?

  1. Laser

    I have an idea. If anyone bumps into Oosthuizen (or whoever might have written that level-shoulder stuff his name), maybe refer him to this, by Moe Norman:


  2. Chief Cowpie

    At least golfers don’t get the head trauma injuries of football players.

    Couldn’t the PGA tour do what the NFL does with the quarterback and once the player has hit the ball, he can no longer be touched?

    1. D Watts Post author

      Well, if the modern golf industry ever tried anything similar to the NFL and football – you’d be watching 20 different coaches explain why THEIR technique to throw a spiral pass was the best (as if there’s more than one way) – and their players would all be on the injured reserve!

      1. Laser

        “THEIR technique to throw a spiral pass”

        –If there’s only one way…they don’t know what it is. Otherwise, Tim Tebow would be an NFL quarterback.

        Here is one reason why mainstream golf instruction doesn’t work. This is from an article about horseback riding: “”Most instructors began riding when they were young and learned through trial and error on a whole-body level. Most do not consciously know what they are doing. This is called ‘unconscious competence.’ How riding instructors use their bodies is different than how many of their students use their bodies.”

        Golf is identical, which is why the “drills” approach is ideal. People can learn without knowing exactly what it is that they’re learning…which is how the pros learned.

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