How MCS Is/Was Brandel Chamblee?

chamblee impactMCS stands of course for “Mechanically Correct Swing.”

I’ve been writing on the golf swing for years, and anguishing over the swings of purported swing gurus and coaches, but I’ve never looked at former PGA Tour champion Brandel Chamblee’s swing.

So, perhaps what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, but since Mr. Chamblee is a proponent of the classic golf swing, I kinda already knew what I was going to see when I looked him up.

I remember Brandel from the late 90’s, which was when I began to watch televised golf, and I might even have a live swing of his from an event back then, followed by a Vijay Singh swing from a tournament in which they both played.

So let’s take a look his action, which is a very classic action:

Brandel Chamblee’s Golf swing


If you’re looking for a swing that goes back to the classic era, this is it.  I’ve already blogged about Chamblee identifying the lack of the floating heel as a major problem with the modern golf swing, and he’s written a book about it as well.

b chamblee 1


    1. Address – Almost exactly like the old MCS to MCS 3.0 stance, wouldn’t you say? I’d say a tad more right-biased with the head and spine tilt, and you’re looking at a perfect set up.
    2. A little head shift because of the initial stance, but notice the breaking left leg right away.
    3. Classic, great top position with the Ben Hogan floating pivot action of the classic era, nothing surprising here. How nice is that left  “swinging gate leg?
    4. Good aggressive move to the left side, but then with the floating pivot, that’s a trademark and not an exception!
    5. Staying back very nicely through impact, and finally
    6. Full & free release

b chamblee 2


The only critique I have personally is on the stance bias as mentioned in Frame 1, and of course that hitching action on the finish (which has no effect on the already-struck ball) would be eliminated by not anchoring that right foot on the follow, and allowing a Greg Normanesqe “short-stop slide” action…

I gotta say, it’s very strange to see a retired PGA Tour player swinging better now than the current players are swinging today, form-wise.

So yes, Brandel Chamblee knows how to swing a golf club with mechanical correctness, and he certainly knows what he’s talking about when commenting about the planted-heel modern swing.

A refreshing change when watching someone talk swing on TV!



9 thoughts on “How MCS Is/Was Brandel Chamblee?

  1. bigtoilet

    Have you seen the video of Philly Mick and Butch Harmon on the range talking about keeping the lead heel DOWN so as to be able to have good width in the backswing?

    1. D Watts Post author


      Poor Phil talks a great game but doesnt know his own swing. He is lifting less but even in that swing he clearly had heel separation.

      His issue is that he is floating the leading heel, yes – but it isnt a Hogan pivot. He is swinging the body around with that supporting knee staying flexed.

      So while Phil is saving his back and body swinging this way as BC points out, he gets wild when he keeps the supporting knee flexed. He kind of knows this when he talks of the unstable supportimg knee on bad swings.

      The solution is to Hogan pivot as the MCS pivot proposes…there are floating oivots and then there are floating pivots!

      I am watching him play right now and seeing lifting heel on his Dr and 3w swings…so I dont know what to say about this video…lol

  2. bigtoilet

    As you say, even Phil doesn’t know what’s going on. That being said, he says Butch is telling him to keep his heel down? I don’t think they explained this very well, but what else is new?
    If you want a better swing explanation, you’re at the right place here at WAX!!
    Or you can get more crapola from the pros…..

    1. D Watts Post author

      His swing is the opposite of TW’s.

      Phil doesn’t and has never swung anything similarly, which why he is still walking… so I don’t know what they were talking about, to be honest. Other than the supporting knee reference that is…

      Phil is better swinging and not talking.

    1. D Watts Post author

      It took me years to realize most swingers’ “feel” is not real.

      I just look at the swing. Especially when I’m watching televised golf 😉

  3. jingusus

    Actually, Jack Nicklaus in “Golf My Way” talks about learning the golf swing without lifting the front heel. I think practicing it might help one not lift the heel too early, which is a danger (maybe that’s why it stopped by taught – because we shouldn’t be trying to lift the heel, but to let it ‘float’ as you say).

    I think it’s great that even though Mickelson is saying one thing, that in practice, he does not let the front heel stay planted when it matters. Would hate to see Mickelson hurt himself after building such a great swing.

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