Any Day, Another MCS Conversion…

bt & djJerry “Big Toilet” Crowell has been teaching and playing golf in the L.A. area for some time, so he knows a lot of people.

He has also been turning heads and raising eyebrows with his swing when he’s warming up on the range for an event (or out on the course).

And as I said, he’s hitting it longer and straighter than he ever did, even twenty years younger.

I expected what he’s doing now (top club impact speed 124.2 mph and climbing, he was at 121.7 only a month ago) because I know what leverage and technique will do for anything, and the golf swing is no different.

So, when Jerry started to get into the position that I wanted, good things have been happening.

Granted, he was always in the proper position for an MCS swing, but I wanted him in the optimal position, so he could use his height and those long levers effectively.

Bt Driver


Now, people are noticing.

And nothing gets people noticing like a  50 year old guy driving it 300 yards in the air and producing club impact speeds that only the longest drivers on the PGA Tour can match.

In effect, Jerry’s career has just begun – watch and see…

Which brings me to the message Jerry sent me yesterday, which reads in part:

Had a teaching pro, LA area, come by today.

30 yrs old, back issues, very good player. Asked me how I got so fast, when he’s 106 mph.

Showed him MCS and his eyes LIT UP!!

“Yes!” He said. “I’ve been all on my left, and wrenching my back. Doc says I have discs compressing.”

He missed 8 months of golf because of it.

Showed him how to move (he’s a good player so he can do it) and he’s all in now.

Which is no surprise – I would be very surprised, in fact, if any knowledgeable golfer or athlete saw the MCS principles and disagreed with them – they are the principles that the classic era greats like Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan and Bobby Jones used, and which some modern players are using or have used (Bubba Watson, Vijay Singh, etc.).

It’s the way Moe Norman swung before he changed his swing to the ridiculous model everyone knows.


In short, it’s the way to do it.


MCS, after all, simply stands for Mechanically Correct Swing.”

So, the tide is slowly, but surely turning back to the classic principles of fundamentally sound golf swing technique, and the modern swing cannot be left behind and forgotten quickly enough.


Wanna learn the MCS methodology and swing like the greats did in the classic era?

You can start with the “Secrets of the MCS”video shorts series or jump right in to the whole thing and pre-order the upcoming “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video.

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2 thoughts on “Any Day, Another MCS Conversion…

  1. Chief Cowpie

    While it’s great to see the interest of this pro in MCS, the truth of the matter is spinal injuries and damage is serious stuff and so hopefully folks will get the MCS message earlier and not later.

    1. D Watts Post author

      MCS – saving backs, one at a time… 😉

      All jokes aside – yes, the scurge of modern golf will remain until the rubber-banding and left-biasing are banished forever.

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