Congrats To JDL (Wax Member) On Your Ace!

jdlCongrats to SouthWest Wax Member JDL on his hole in one yesterday!

I got to meet JDL last month at the inaugural Wax Group Meet Up in Riverside,CA.

He was a quick study with the MCS stance and setup, and what I noticed was that, whatever he wanted to change with his swing, he struck the ball very solidly.

A little work with BT & myself, and he was hitting drives that had neither he nor DK could believe.

Here’s his stance and set-up back in January, when we worked on it:

jdl addr


Looking forward to seeing both JDL and DK in Arizona next month but in the meantime, JDL scored his 3rd lifetime ace on a 168 yard hole yesterday, with a shot that, in his words, “never left the pin.”



I think that means JDL owes me a beer, and I’ll search very hard for a reason that will justify my beliefs – heck, the next drink is on me, JDL!

Keep swinging it, see you soon in Phoenix!

And it seems that things are just getting better and better for Team Wax.

How Good Is 2016 Getting?

For example, our playing pro Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell hitting 124.2 mph in club impact speed yesterday, up from his top speed of 115 mph or so a couple of years ago before we began to work together.

Jerry turned 50 last year, but he’s playing better than ever before, and his swing speed is by far the highest it’s ever been (he never even dreamed of reaching 120 mph as a top speed, now he’s “cruising” at 120+  mph), and he’s driving the ball up to 300 yards carry distance on his big flushes… driving Par 4 holes?!?

Jerry Drives a Par-4

eagle putt


Go check the stats for the PGA Tour players – a top 120 mph impact speed would be Big Boy Swinging, and Jerry’s closing in on 125 mph top speedthat is a special class, whatever your age.

Playing better than ever, and we’re working on a game plan for his playing – I see big things for the Big T coming up, and JDL’s ace is icing on the Wax Golf cake.

So, this year is already special, and we’re only a month in!

Let’s see what February brings.


Wanna learn the MCS methodology and swing like the greats did in the classic era?

You can start with the “Secrets of the MCS”video shorts series or jump right in to the whole thing and pre-order the upcoming “MCS – Perfect Pivot” video.

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    1. D Watts Post author

      It’s his 3rd, apparently. What is it with these AZ guys, they’re flying it in the hole all over the place!

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