BT Sets New Club Speed Mark (124.2)

video conferenceI just got off a video call with Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, PGA.

He called me with the “video chat” function now available on FB Messenger (how cool is that? For someone born in 1970, this is some ‘Star Trek’ stuff here) as he was hitting balls and noticed that his club speed was higher after our discussion on the pivot last evening.

Now, just remember that only a couple of years ago, he was at 110 mph cruising speed and about 114 mph top club impact speed with his driver.

He recently had broken the 120 mph mark with his top speed and was cruising in the mid-teens, but fast-forward to today.

The distance and ball speed numbers weren’t great, as he was hitting into a 20 mph headwind, but…

The wind died while I was watching him hit balls in the Lorena Ochoa Center and…

With the pivot work we’ve been doing the past week – he’s just smashed through everything on the Flight Scope analytics system.

video conference


I was watching him swing on video when he did it – top speed of 124.2 mph, another one at 124 even, and a couple at 123.9/8 mph.

Swinging easy, he was over 120 mph, around 120.5 to 121.5 mph on the “cruising” swings.

He hit one drive with over 300 yards carry, and he’s now living in the 170’s mph ball speed.

Funny thing, he asked me right before the 24.2 drive, “How do I get a little more speed?”

I gave him a good visual reference on how to set up over the right side for a good, tight “Perfect Pivot” action like we’ve been working on, and the very drive – new personal record!

Very good work, BT!



5 thoughts on “BT Sets New Club Speed Mark (124.2)

    1. D Watts Post author

      Good work today – 125 is in the barrel, and then we can start talking about 130 top speed!

      Wait ’til Jerry plays in a Champions Tour event… I gotta be there to see it.

  1. bigtoilet

    125mph is coming. NEVER a thought I’d get there!! Could it be that 130 is low hanging fruit???
    Anyone out there doubting DJ Watts?????
    Just so you know, the faster I get the BETTER my swing is.

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