How To Eagle A Par 4 Hole

eagle putt

  1. Make sure it’s driveable, first of all.
  2. Then, put your tee shot on the green to about 7 feet for an eagle putt.
  3. Drain the putt…

That’s what Jerry “BT”Crowell did yesterday, playing in a section event or other – he’ll fill in the details as I’m foggy on those.

I just loved the pic he sent me after he’d told me that he’d played the first 9 at even par.

I told him back, “See if you can come in -2…”

So he promptly drove the 299 yard par four 10th hole, to about 7 feet hole-high…and drained the eagle putt to go -2 for the day!

eagle putt


I believe he birdied the next hole, a par 5, but gave back two strokes to come in at -1… it wasn’t a “BIG EVENT,” something for kicks, but any time you can drive a par-4 hole and eagle it – you’re playing some good golf!

Next Up – The PGA Tour’s Northern Trust at Riviera (Formerly the L.A. Open) Cart Series qualifying event… I know BT has played Riviera and loves it, so getting into that would be a blast, I’m sure.

Go Get’Em BT!

bt & dj


3 thoughts on “How To Eagle A Par 4 Hole

  1. bigtoilet

    It was our Inland Empire Chapter PGA, Pro Assistant. Just a small small gathering. 10 two man teams. My mind wanders in team events, I don’t like them. Ok, back to cleaning up the backyard now after the HIGH winds we had here 2 days ago………

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