Steve Elkington – How MCS Is THIS SWING?!?!

steve elkington topI have to admit to having overlooked Steve Elkington in the search for MCS type swings from the PGA Tour to show everyone – thanks to Joe S. for sending me the face-on video!

And the great thing about my work – I now have my readers sending me videos to check out for MCS characteristics – you can’t help but see what a good swing is when you get into the MCS way of looking at the swing.

So as I am saying, I’ve missed Elk – I know of him very well as a multiple Tour event and ’95 PGA Championship winner.

I just never had the thought to go and check his swing, honestly, as his prime playing days came just before my introduction to golf.

Well, I shoulda looked!

steve elkington top


And now I know why he was considered to be one of the smoothest swingers on Tour in his day – this swing is as MCS as it gets:

Steve Elkington – ’95 PGA Championship Winner


Down the line, it looks just as good as the face-on view:


Steve Elkington – Down The Line


We’re talking about the same things here.  The only thing I’d have changed would be his stance width, and of course with that would come a little “short-stop slide” action to ease the lower back on the follow-through.

So, if you want to see a swing model that is as close to MCS as you’ll see on the PGA Tour, you’ll never no further to go than Elk.



3 thoughts on “Steve Elkington – How MCS Is THIS SWING?!?!

    1. Chief Cowpie

      Hello Steve, I’ve been here with Deej… Almost 7 years. According to biological science, the human body replaces just about every cell every 7 years and I so just about have an MCS body.

      Steve Elkington has been a life long proponent of enhanced leverage mechanics to be obtained with the human body. Recently I came across his “Foreward” to Scott Gummer’s book “Homer Kelley’s Golfing Machine”. He writes, “Ever since I started playing golf as a boy, I have been fascinated by the nuts and bolts of the swing. Analytical by nature, I always sensed that the explanation for how to create a sound stroke could be found in math and science.” He himself has worked with some of the greatest teachers of the game such as Claude Harmon (whose practice round battles with Ben Hogan are legendary, Alex Mercer and considers Jack Burke his mentor. His connection to Homer Kelly theory was through Ben Doyle of whom he greatly admired for his imbibing “mathematical advantages” into his swing. Ben was the first apostle of Homer Kelley who went far to make his public among others.

      Anyways, if I am soon to have an MCS body, Steve Elkington has an MCS soul… or close derivative. While Homer Kelley’s stuff can be and is spun lots of different directions and some over the cliff such as S&T, it as well contains within its parameters the prototypes of a proper leverage system as seen within MCS although in my opinion, fails to fully exploit the mechanical advantages as does DJ.

      1. D Watts Post author

        F. Nobilo mentioned to me a couple of days back the they had the same instructors as boys, Chief. Fellow by the name of Alex Mercer.

        He also mentioned Golf Machine and Ben Doyle, though, looking at Elk’s swing – I tried to read “Golf Machine” last winter at BT’s place and I threw it back at him (he’d tried to unload it on me as a “gift” LOL).

        I don’t remember anything closely resembling Elk’s swing mechanics in that book…

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