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IF You Can Swing Like Adam Scott… (Hint: You Won’t)

scott topIt is not often that you get to point out something in the modern golf swing and say, “OK, here’s the exception that proves the rule…” and Adam Scott is one of those examples.

The modern swing is flawed, as I’ve been saying for years, because people are not designed to swing the way the models call for it to be done.

For example, it is virtually impossible for most people to get a decent hip turn without having a “floating feel” pivot with the leading foot.

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BT Sets New Club Speed Mark (124.2)

video conferenceI just got off a video call with Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell, PGA.

He called me with the “video chat” function now available on FB Messenger (how cool is that? For someone born in 1970, this is some ‘Star Trek’ stuff here) as he was hitting balls and noticed that his club speed was higher after our discussion on the pivot last evening.

Now, just remember that only a couple of years ago, he was at 110 mph cruising speed and about 114 mph top club impact speed with his driver.

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najarI am trying to be more positive and to point out the good parts of what I see regarding the golf swing, rather than my tired and stale routine of railing against the bad things I see.

For example, I might have taken a different tone in the past with this offering on how to “compress” the ball with your irons with Bernie Najar on the byline.

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Steve Elkington – How MCS Is THIS SWING?!?!

steve elkington topI have to admit to having overlooked Steve Elkington in the search for MCS type swings from the PGA Tour to show everyone – thanks to Joe S. for sending me the face-on video!

And the great thing about my work – I now have my readers sending me videos to check out for MCS characteristics – you can’t help but see what a good swing is when you get into the MCS way of looking at the swing.

So as I am saying, I’ve missed Elk – I know of him very well as a multiple Tour event and ’95 PGA Championship winner.

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