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IF You Can Swing Like Adam Scott… (Hint: You Won’t)

scott topIt is not often that you get to point out something in the modern golf swing and say, “OK, here’s the exception that proves the rule…” and Adam Scott is one of those examples.

The modern swing is flawed, as I’ve been saying for years, because people are not designed to swing the way the models call for it to be done.

For example, it is virtually impossible for most people to get a decent hip turn without having a “floating feel” pivot with the leading foot.

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MCS “Perfect Pivot” Video – Advance Orders

dj & jerryBumped

This is going to come as a surprise for some, but not for those who’ve been paying attention the last few weeks.

As I’ve said since last winter, with the release of the MCS “Ultimate Leverage” video showcasing Jerry “Big Toilet” Crowell’s golf swing using the MCS swing theory and model – the theory is the same.

It will not change.

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It Was The Ben Hogan Project…

????????????????????I had reached a cross-roads point of sorts back in the summer of 2014.

It was a little over a year since I had given up on ever figuring out how to make a swing model with a significant flaw (to me) work – it was another person’s swing model, and that one included a shifting head on the back swing pivot, due to the center biased position and square-to-the-target-line stance setup.

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Brooks Koepka’s 4 Ways To Break Your Back

brooks koepka topIt’s time to return to the Wax Golf parlor game Who Shouldn’t Be Giving Swing Advice?”

On board today, we have Brooks Koepka and his 4 great tips on how to rubber-band your torso and get a little more vertebra damage in before the Florida swing really takes off.

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A Tale Of Two Pivots (DJ & BT On The “Hogan Pivot”)

hogan-dj-top3So, we have the swing researcher (DJ), who builds models, and the playing pro (BT), who is enjoying a resurgence in his game and speed/power that he never possessed before, using the MCS “floating pivot” swing model.

We’ve been working together on his pivot and he has implemented the setup and mechanical action that turns the standard MCS back swing pivot to more closely emulate Ben Hogan’s awesome action.

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How To “Perfect Pivot” Your Golf Swing (Video)

pivot topThe proof is visible to any who care to look – my personal golf swing with the Ben Hogan-inspired “Perfect Pivot” action, just keeps getting better and better, every time I swing.

There is a limit to improvement, of course – but the closer you get to the “perfect” theoretical model of any action, the better it will be, by definition.

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Tiger Update – Apparently Hitting Balls (& Still Harpooning)

tiger addressTiger Woods has apparently taken umbrage at the reports of his ailing back – so he has posted a clip of himself hitting a 9 iron.

So, perhaps it was actually six weeks ago that he was immobilized and now he’s back to swinging easy – but you’ll notice that even with an easy 9 iron swing, he’s still got the ol’ harpoon going.

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Modern Swing Killed The Modern Golf Star (Tiger Woods)

tiger_woods_injures_back_at_the_barclays_2013_-_pga_tourWhat is with the obsession with swinging a golf club while keeping the leading foot planted?

I’m back among the living, having just gotten over a bout of 24 hr stomach flu, and have just sipped a little chicken soup broth, not having eaten since sometime Sunday evening.

What I was planning to post yesterday before finding I couldn’t get out of bed, is a little ironic, considering the topic object has trouble doing so even he doesn’t have the flu.

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How To Shank An Iron (Jordan Spieth)

jsIf anyone is wondering how Jordan Spieth could manage to be #1 in the World Golf Rankings and play as badly as he has the past two events – it begins and ends with his golf swing.

I’ve never been a fan of it, and you could actually say I hate Jordan Spieth’s swing. Has nothing to do with the young man himself, just the technique.

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