Rickie Fowler Over The Years

rickie_fowlerI went back and checked my blogging archives – I’ve been blogging on the golf swing with various site URLs, beginning with Smash Golf, then DJ Watts Golf and now, Wax Golf.

I was surprised that I’ve written as much as I have about Rickie Fowler, but then, his swing years ago couldn’t be ignored if one were focused on mechanically-correct action.

Rickie’s was the polar opposite, unfortunately, and I have re-posted the previous blog postings in their original wording.

In my first, I was amused by Johnny Miller’s one-time quote about Jim Thorpe’s golf swing having “more moves than Kung-Fu,” and thought the term applied equally as well to Rickie’s swing:

If you want to see a swing that reminds me of that zinger every time I see it, take a look at Rickie Fowler.

It’s no coincidence that Rickie shot the lights out Thursday and Friday and then struggled to close the deal on the weekend.

When you have as many compensating moves in your swing as Rickie does, you’re going to do that.


In the second, I made my first prediction that Rickie was going to suffer some injury sooner or later due to that golf swing:

Rickie Fowler’s swing is another one of those “that’s not going to end well” kinds of motions.  And to be honest, the more I see of Rickie, the more I like him.  Nice young guy, plays fast and aggressively, and finally has a win to back up the constant golf media hype.

The swing, however, is not one I’d want to see anyone trying to emulate, and it makes me wince, the more I see it analyzed on television.

It is a swing based entirely on raw flexibility and fast-twitch muscles, and I can’t even guess where he’ll first experience problems – in the lower body from knee to ankle, or the hip, or the lower and even middle back region.


Rickie Fowler Then & Now



In the third, I was surprised to see that prediction come true in less than 5 months, and my remark about him at 40 really struck me in light of the fact that Tiger Woods is experiencing those same issues right now, at 40, due to his very dangerous modern swing moves in the past few years (I’ve added the bold emphasis to the original words):

I’m not a doctor, but rather than focusing on a therapy regimen, young Rickie might be better suited figuring out a more mechanically-sound golf swing.

You know, so he can still walk when he’s forty years old.

Sigh… too bad no one could have seen this coming…


The second most recent posting before yesterday’s on his win at the HSBC in Abu Dhabi, was about how, when it came to his lower back issues, he was “making bad worse,” with the swing changes he was trying to implement:

Ever heard of fixing the swing, Rickie?  Like, getting rid of what’s actually causing the back pain?

That funky swing of yours, for example?


… And perhaps a twenty-something guy with back problems is not the guy to be writing an article on pain-free golf swings.

Like I said yesterday, some of my remarks about Rickie could be considered to be less than kind, but they only apply to what I thought of his golf swing and methods to try to prevent further injury before he made swing changes.

I’ve always liked Rickie (in fact, I loved it when he won the Players’ Championship last season right after being voted ‘most over-rated’ by his own peers, a charge that was not without a bit of merit, but still!) and my son has a “Rickie Orange” driver.

So I would certainly like to see him around for a few more years – and thanks to his swing changes, he will certainly be around longer than his timeline was indicating, back in ’12-’13…

A couple of more changes, and he’d actually be a great swinger.

But at least he’s not still trying to break his back.



3 thoughts on “Rickie Fowler Over The Years

  1. buddhabob

    that incredibly flat planted heel swing is an eye catcher because its something most can’t do and it looks like a kind of yoga in motion as its contortionist but then in yoga you would never be allowed to make any kind of twist with a ballistic motion.

    I’m wondering dj what you think of Maurice Allen, the long driver who is way,way out there these days and also looks like he has beefed up somewhat over the last 2 or 3 years. Of course he gets huge width and pivot with a good heel lift but Im wondering what you would say about the rest of his swing. He is Rickies height and an x track sprinter but he is about 100 yards farther than Fowler and I think he clocks out around 140-145. Pretty impressive. Some really hate his swing, he has only been doing it for I think 6 or 7 years but he is very dedicated and has plenty of fast twitch to go the distance.

    1. D Watts Post author

      I actually tweeted Maurice last week on how MCS his swing action is, buddha.

      There is a lot of negativity from other long drivers towards him, but I’m not in the community, so I don’t know the source of the animosity. But he’s for real – he cleaned up in Europe last year… so, judge for yourself how MCS this action is:

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